Frustration Holding you Hostage?

I can’t believe we are at the end of January already! I love new years, the resolutions, the fresh start, the forgiveness and pardoning from the year before. But then do you ever have the frustration from the year prior creep into the new year with you.

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Why rhythm works…

When I first heard the word rhythm I had no idea what was being said. We often hear weekly schedule or plan but the concept of rhythm was foreign to me. So let me take a moment to explain. Rhythm differs from a schedule because there is a flow. A schedule says this is what happens at such and such time, rhythm flows from one moment to the next. So when we look at all the components of a week and a month, we want them to flow and have a rhythm so that we can dance, not a rigid time schedule or plan that has no room for flow. Monthly rhythm has so much to do with preparation. Once we do prepare and start implementing this takes so much off our mental capacity. We actually have more time to think and create, instead of always trying to think only in the moment.

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You are not Alone

4 years ago I remember feeling so alone in my journey. I felt like an alien. We had just moved back into a house after living off grid in a trailer and then a shed for the 5 months. My youngest was 5 months old at the time and we practiced elimination communication with both of the kids, which meant they were diaper free most of the time. My son was extremely sensitive to going indoors which was the only place that offered gatherings for children, so I found it very difficult to connect with other mothers, and almost impossible to connect with like minded mothers.

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