Magical Mothering Session


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In this session, spell  or period of time,  we will dive deep into what is creating the sabotage, release trauma, and create space for gathering up the pieces of you!  Magical Mothering is all about integrating all the unique pieces of you. So often in our lives we end up dissociating or putting pieces of ourselves away to help keep us safe. That part of you that is too much or that just kept messing up as a kid (and just so you know, you weren’t really messing up, you just were made to think that.) That part of you is often what is creating so much of the sabotage still in your life. It is often an incredibly magical part of yourself that is really eager to help you BE who you came to this world to be!

30 Minute Potion Only Consultation:  In this spell we will go over in detail your medical history, what medications you are currently taking, your health goals and create a holistic health plan specifically for you.Price of potions/herbal medicines are not included in this session price.

60 minute spell: This is a time for us to experience deep, transformational shadow work. We will work to heal issues on a foundational level, while creating space for your inner child to be deeply mothered, nourished and loved unconditionally. This process incorporates new neural programming to support your innate nature verses the nurture you were given as a child. There are many different shadow work techniques that we can work through together, each giving more depth, clarity, and healing.

90 Minute Crystal and Shadow work in person spell: With the support of healing hands and crystals you will be guided to release trauma, generational themes and aspects that are no longer serving you. Crystals will be placed on your hands, while Stephanie Mathews (certified Massage therapist) guides your body to release aspects that can be causing pain, symptoms or issues in your body. Through the use of myofascial techniques and shadow work, we will find root causes of the issues the body has been holding onto.

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30 Minute- Potion Only Consultation, 60 Minute- Magical Mothering Spell (Shadow Work), 90 Minute- In person crystal therapy with shadow work, Private Retreat- Full Day in Missouri


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