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This weeks healing was just as amazing as week 29, I had to do this weeks session 3 time I need to go back to this one a few more times as time goes by.
1st time: I healed my neck/shoulders which I planted this seed at the age of 29/30 yrs old, releasing it felt so great, tension I had there for so long is no longer, the lesson I learned is that it is ok to ask for help, to express your fears, as well as cry, I can show all these emotions and still be strong.
2nd time: it was my sinuses I felt light headed well doing this I planted this seed when I was 12, this one is still a learning lesson it was not time to release/heal this one.
3rd time : this was on my lower belly I was 5 years old when this seed was planted as I focused on this part I got butterflies and as I continued to see this part I see the lessons I learned as was able to heal this area/release it as I was saying thank for the lesson I learned I began to cry I feel so much peace from releasing this memory.
looking forward to redoing this weeks healing session in the future.