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Shelby Summer- In this week’s meditation I definitely felt a shift after seeing the lights on my time line and gathering them up and allowing myself to accept the truama as a part of me. It is not something I can run from or even want to run from any longer. I am more able to accept it without feeling the sadness, anger, and aloneness I felt before. I realize now that my past is a part of who I am and that it doesn’t have to be a bad thing. In my vision of my time line it was a thin black line running in front and behind me. The lights were yellow and there were many of them. I gathered them up in a large sack and when I formed them together they turned pink and that is when I felt the shift. The more I learn about the first 7 years of my life the more I am understanding the years after and why things played out the way that they did. I recreated many of my childhood truamas in relationships and friendships and didn’t even realize that I was doing so. With each meditation and session I have had with Stephanie I have felt one step closer to becoming my whole self.