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    This is all about the experiences, healing and insights you received from the Magical Mothering Method Week 3 video.

    Please access the Week 3 PDF workbook here.

    To get your certification for the Magical Mothering Method, please respond with video, blog post or picture of documentation of work done with each week.



    After this weeks mediation helped me with my 3 yr old child self work out the emotional side of why I was stuck and to reach my higher self.
    I also learned to find peace from my past, to heal and leave it in the past without question.
    the ball of light I built up was so healing and helpful.
    I have a habit to block emotions and not feel. with is weeks mediation it helped me to release these and it has helped me to be able to release the hardness I carry within myself. I know it is safe to show sadness, it is safe to cry…
    it is ok to heal and love myself.


    Shelby Summer- In this week’s meditation I definitely felt a shift after seeing the lights on my time line and gathering them up and allowing myself to accept the truama as a part of me. It is not something I can run from or even want to run from any longer. I am more able to accept it without feeling the sadness, anger, and aloneness I felt before. I realize now that my past is a part of who I am and that it doesn’t have to be a bad thing. In my vision of my time line it was a thin black line running in front and behind me. The lights were yellow and there were many of them. I gathered them up in a large sack and when I formed them together they turned pink and that is when I felt the shift. The more I learn about the first 7 years of my life the more I am understanding the years after and why things played out the way that they did. I recreated many of my childhood truamas in relationships and friendships and didn’t even realize that I was doing so. With each meditation and session I have had with Stephanie I have felt one step closer to becoming my whole self.


    Sandy- getting to that point where you are able to feel and process will help shift so many aspects for you. This is a powerful resource that will allow for the present moment to come into each aspect of your life.

    Shelbie- This is so powerful. As we conintue to find these pieces and memories we will use this timeline to shift and gather. Having come to a place of wholeness and gathering you up safely is a powerful aspect to know who you are so you can get to a place of being present and in your body.


    So I felt the need to go through the first month’s videos, meditations and journaling several times. I have done some of this healing with Stephanie previously and everytime I’m still having new healing opportunities, insights and breakthroughs! This last time going through the timeline therapy i realized that I’ve always been seeking validation from others that the world is safe and self-sabotaging myself by continually seeking out situations that test that belief to prove it’s not safe out there!!! I have done private sessions with Stephanie before where she was able to help me uncover a repressed memory of a male stranger exposing himself and maturbating in front of me in the toy aisle of payless when I was 4 years old while on an errand with my paternal grandmother. This child is my gate keeper. I miss her so very much! I also cried buckets of tears when I was collecting my lights along the timeline-everytime I felt unsafe through my life is alot of lights! I didn’t necessarily feel overly emotional in relation to the experience but just such a large volume of tears came out…


    Ann, the timeline therapy is such a powerful shifting process, especially to be able to gather up all the experiences once rather than individually. Now that you have recognized this self sabotage behavior it is time to catch it prior to it happening and validating that YOUR world IS safe!!


    I have done this homework(week 3)for Stephanie and she suggested that I use what I had wrote for my homework.

    My 10 things that I pray will be when my divorce is final…

    1 – Freedom

    Like you had said. Free to live my life as I choose.
    From everything:
    * How to wear my hair, makeup, and clothes.
    * What things I want to put in and on my body (food, lotions, etc.) to include sex and alternative medicine (weed, oils, etc.).
    * The friends of my choosing. To have the freedom to finally have honest friendships and or relationships not based on ALL LIES from the beginning.

    2 – Honesty
    * Honest about my life in ALL aspects. No, more a life of living lies.

    3 – Grateful
    * In that I had gotten out in time to live a full and wondrous life.
    * Whatever and however long the good Lord will give me health to live my current lifestyle.
    4 – Humble
    * Kind if goes with answer 3.
    * I guess just to be more humbling in the gifts of life that I receive daily. Roof over my head, dry and warm or cool, food and water, clothes, etc.

    5 – Thankful
    * This one goes hand and hand with answers 3 & 4.

    6 – Stronger
    * Stronger then I have ever been emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually based on boundaries that I have set to achieve my new life.

    7 – Confident
    * Like Wonder Woman, in that I walked away from 25 years of an abusive marriage and am still on my own two feet.

    8 – Spiritual (work)
    * Dreams of a Nun (dream job) Life of service.
    * They won’t take me though because of my age and my health. Becoming debt-free will go hand and hand with my divorce settlement.
    * Been looking into lady Monk and or Hermitages. The Hermits though are really kind of on their own.

    9 – My Higer-Self
    * I hope to strive to become that Golden Goddess that I had met!!!

    10 – Finally, ready to live the true me life and style.

    I hope using these ideas as daily Mantras for me will help.

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