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Hello All, Just wanted to share my experience with the group from this past Monday (10 August, 20). I decided to start the program again, for some reason I could not get it going when I was supposed to, but a grander thing had happened to me on Monday while doing the meditation with Stephanie.
When she was taking me on the journey and she said about seeing a pool of red. I had seen this and much more! While the meditation was going on, I seen that I was deep in the earth, I could see black rock all around me as if I were in a cave deep in the earth. And I did see that beautiful pool of red before me like on the floor of the cave. There was also a golden stream of light shining from the top of the cave and streaming down to the pool of red so, it had given the middle of that cave a warm glow. It was a most amazing experience for me. When coming out of it, I chalk it up to being in the deeps of Mother Earth and those black cave walls, even at times can be rough and cold, were a warm soft glow today. Maybe it is a meaning that She can be tough on us, but in the long run She is always here to help. We just need to stop for a few moments in our hectic lives and sit quietly with her and she will reveal what is most needed at that time.
I am looking forward to this adventure with Stephanie and with you all, but most of all finding out who I really am and spending much needed quite time to stop and listen to what the Mother is saying.