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    This is the space to share your week 1 insights, revelations and experiences. I am so excited to create this healing space with you.

    Download the PDF for week 1 here

    To get your certification for the Magical Mothering Method, please respond with video, blog post or picture of documentation of work done with each week.



    it took me a min to get a journal, this one really an awesome one before I hit play on the video I got comfortable and was facing the morning sun. so when Stephanie asked to close our eyes and picture Red as our safe zone color I was already seeing orange and red .
    I felt so relaxed and in control for the 1st time in a long time.
    only word I can think of at the time was Peace.. I was at peace.
    I looked forward to the next one.


    I absolutely love that this created so much peace for you! That is exciting to be able to have this as a foundation to come back to whenever is needed.


    While starting what I would call the meditation phase, when we close our eyes, my first emotion was vulnerability. I felt scared and unsure. Perhaps unsafe in my own mind, like I wasn’t connected to myself and wanting to open my eyes for distraction or a “place to go” outside of my own mind. I felt that way for the first few moments. I reached for my black tourmaline and held it close.
    The color red I saw was a very bright, rich, true Red. When visualizing red on my body I noticed very dark deeps reds on my head and from my heart down to my hips bones. My arms and legs were bright and sparkly red. I felt and saw a red blanket falling over me in covering my in safety and security. I no longer felt uncomfortable but very much peaceful. I felt at peace, covered, with sparkly tingles healing me from the outside reaching in.
    Before this phase when I visualized my Root Chakra I saw it was a small plant root. It looked small, black and whithered. It felt soft and fragile and I felt little energy or life coming from it. What little energy I did feel felt unpredictable, touchy and weak. It almost seemed as though it was screaming at me to get away.
    After my meditation phase I felt a burst of energy from the Chakra. I looks like a Dark Blue and no longer Black. It looks brighter than before. It feels loved and nurtured, cared for. It seems to beg for more attention. It feels valued and appreciated.

    Wow!!! I have no words for how incredibly at peace I feel at this moment


    During the meditation, my heart/chest/stomach area really lit up. The energy was more of a really brightish pink. It pooled up and grew sooooo larger it turned into the same size as the whole planet!!! I then was feeling like I was with Gaia holding her and healing her. I was being a magical mother to the most magical mother, the Earth, Gaia…it was very overwhelming! Thank you for this root chakra initiation


    Hello All, Just wanted to share my experience with the group from this past Monday (10 August, 20). I decided to start the program again, for some reason I could not get it going when I was supposed to, but a grander thing had happened to me on Monday while doing the meditation with Stephanie.
    When she was taking me on the journey and she said about seeing a pool of red. I had seen this and much more! While the meditation was going on, I seen that I was deep in the earth, I could see black rock all around me as if I were in a cave deep in the earth. And I did see that beautiful pool of red before me like on the floor of the cave. There was also a golden stream of light shining from the top of the cave and streaming down to the pool of red so, it had given the middle of that cave a warm glow. It was a most amazing experience for me. When coming out of it, I chalk it up to being in the deeps of Mother Earth and those black cave walls, even at times can be rough and cold, were a warm soft glow today. Maybe it is a meaning that She can be tough on us, but in the long run She is always here to help. We just need to stop for a few moments in our hectic lives and sit quietly with her and she will reveal what is most needed at that time.
    I am looking forward to this adventure with Stephanie and with you all, but most of all finding out who I really am and spending much needed quite time to stop and listen to what the Mother is saying.


    Wow Alexis!! What a transformation that occurred through this healing!! The ability to see your life force and shift it so quickly is huge!! This will be a practice that you can come back to again and again to build up that space of safety and security.


    Jackie O, I love that you were able to have a completely renewed experience with this mediation. As you are describing it, it feels so deep yet nurturing. Knowing that their is a roughness, yet that we are protected and cared for is a beautiful balance to see.

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