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So I felt the need to go through the first month’s videos, meditations and journaling several times. I have done some of this healing with Stephanie previously and everytime I’m still having new healing opportunities, insights and breakthroughs! This last time going through the timeline therapy i realized that I’ve always been seeking validation from others that the world is safe and self-sabotaging myself by continually seeking out situations that test that belief to prove it’s not safe out there!!! I have done private sessions with Stephanie before where she was able to help me uncover a repressed memory of a male stranger exposing himself and maturbating in front of me in the toy aisle of payless when I was 4 years old while on an errand with my paternal grandmother. This child is my gate keeper. I miss her so very much! I also cried buckets of tears when I was collecting my lights along the timeline-everytime I felt unsafe through my life is alot of lights! I didn’t necessarily feel overly emotional in relation to the experience but just such a large volume of tears came out…