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I spent alot of time going through the first 4 weeks before continuing on to the sacral chakra. After going through more than one of Stephanie’s workshops, I realize how very important doing the work there really is!! But moving along with a much safer self…this initiation was a happy welcome uplift!

I have had a pretty healthy sacral chakra in my life but it had been getting a bit stagnant lately. Upon going through the initiation of this chakra, I almost instantly started attracting sexual and sensual experiences to myself again. I am in a healthy marriage so this has been work welcome by my spouse ; ) I did however experience an overactive sacral during my teen years. Is that linked to hormone levels? I really love how society is increasingly embracing healthier attitudes around sexuality! it makes me relieved for younger generations that will have to experiences less of the shame and for women specifically, less harassment and objectification.