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    We are beginning a whole new chakra in this week’s video. The sacral chakra. It invokes the pleasure centers, sexuality, money and creative expression!

    I am so excited to hear about your experience with this week and what awakens within in you!

    PDF Workbook Here Magical Mothering Method Week 5-sacral initiation

    To get your certification for the Magical Mothering Method, please respond with video, blog post or picture of documentation of work done with each week.






    With this video I learned to release all emotions.
    Seeing the fire was not difficult for me the colors from a fire is a safe zone for me.( it is also my Rendezvous Name- Goodfire)
    seeing the pleasure was awesome, these videos are so helpful and have taught me how to be thankful, grateful for the items, emotions I have coming in- within me.
    It has taught me to be thankful and grateful for my relationship with my husband and with my adult children.


    Sandy- My whole body lit up when I read Goodfire- yes, that fire, that passion, that warmth. That is who you are. I love that the gratitude shift happened in this session. This is how to activate that receiving deeply!


    Week 5 is very exciting for me. I believe my sacral chakra has been either fractured or closed. I feel like most of my life I have been told to keep things to myself and not to express the “out of the norm” things I enjoy. It felt good to ignite the fire within and to get excited about something just for me. As a giver I often give so much to everyone else that I don’t leave much time for myself. Doing these videos and the one on one sessions with Stephanie is truly helping me realize how important it is to make time for myself. And to make time to ignite the fire within and to discover what I am passionate about, what I’m good at, and whats important to me. I have already felt a sense of relief and calmness in my life since starting this journey.


    Sandy, I’m interested to know more about what the Rendezvous name is? You mentioned yours is Goodfire. How can learn more about that and what my name would be?


    Mountain man rendezvous are reenactments we do and you receive a name when you do something memorable.!
    You don’t get to pick your own name..
    I received mine on a cold rainy day our fire was just so smokey that I shifted the logs and when I waved my hand back toward me the flames came up and that is how I received my name.


    That is so awesome!! I would love to be a part of that experience!! Maybe one day… thanks for sharing that with me!


    I spent alot of time going through the first 4 weeks before continuing on to the sacral chakra. After going through more than one of Stephanie’s workshops, I realize how very important doing the work there really is!! But moving along with a much safer self…this initiation was a happy welcome uplift!

    I have had a pretty healthy sacral chakra in my life but it had been getting a bit stagnant lately. Upon going through the initiation of this chakra, I almost instantly started attracting sexual and sensual experiences to myself again. I am in a healthy marriage so this has been work welcome by my spouse ; ) I did however experience an overactive sacral during my teen years. Is that linked to hormone levels? I really love how society is increasingly embracing healthier attitudes around sexuality! it makes me relieved for younger generations that will have to experiences less of the shame and for women specifically, less harassment and objectification.


    Ann this is so exciting to hear! I love when the shifts happen especially in a marriage 🙂 And often times the over active sacral happens as a sling shot into the opposite direction of what we have been raised or as a shift into a hyperactive state. If any sexual experiences happen to create any trauma this will also create a over active sacral chakra. Thank you for sharing!!

    Olivia T

    This is was such an enlightening week! I’m really excited to get into the fractured sacral chakra videos and see how they might relate to my journey. I love the visualization of fire and thinking of fire as both warmth and burning things in order to create something new. All of the videos have brought validation and hope to my life’s journey, so I’m so grateful to be able to continue with them. 🙂

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