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This weeks healing step helped me with letting go of the people that have come into my life from the past and present life, it has helped me release a lot of things that I have hung on to so being able to release all these thoughts and peoples feelings that have attached to me. I am really learning to trust my instinct, in this healing I have faced my fears in so many ways Thanks Stephanie for challenging me with my fears of height’s, claustrophobia in a past healing session. I know have steps to help with that now on how to calm my breathing and panic attacks when I feel like/or in a fear moment.
The message I received from my higher self was to take the time to love myself, to be happy with myself with who I am and how I am, To always be me, to learn how to balance and control my energy.

I am learning so much about my self and how to heal and forgive the past to be able to move forward without carrying the wounds/burden of the past with me.