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    In this weeks healing session we initiate the Solar Plexus Chakra. With the solar plexus we will be releasing FEAR, stepping into empowerment and allowing your intuition to be ignited!

    PDF Workbook Magical Mothering Method -Solar Plexus Initiation-Week 9

    Please share your personal experience in the forum or on your personal profile in a blog post so that you can get your certification at the end of the program.



    This weeks healing step helped me with letting go of the people that have come into my life from the past and present life, it has helped me release a lot of things that I have hung on to so being able to release all these thoughts and peoples feelings that have attached to me. I am really learning to trust my instinct, in this healing I have faced my fears in so many ways Thanks Stephanie for challenging me with my fears of height’s, claustrophobia in a past healing session. I know have steps to help with that now on how to calm my breathing and panic attacks when I feel like/or in a fear moment.
    The message I received from my higher self was to take the time to love myself, to be happy with myself with who I am and how I am, To always be me, to learn how to balance and control my energy.

    I am learning so much about my self and how to heal and forgive the past to be able to move forward without carrying the wounds/burden of the past with me.


    This one was difficult for me. I have often struggled with listening to my gut instinct. I have felt it many times but chose to ignore it. This has caused many struggles throughout my life. This weeks video really forced me to stop and realize I still have some things I need to let go of and that I need to continue on my current path.
    When doing the pillar of light perspective my message from my higher self was to be patient, to continue on this path, to get back into yoga and to let go of the people in the past that are no longer serving me. Then my future will become more clear.
    I am learning so much about myself and my past throughout this course. It is uncomfortable at times but it has also made me feel more whole. Like I am finally putting all the pieces together correctly. I am still not sure where exactly this will all lead me or exactly what I want it to lead me to but I know I am on the right track. And that itself is a great feeling.


    Sandy, I absolutely love that you were able to release those that were no longer serving you. Allowing more space for yourself within yourself without being filled up trying to serve everyone else! This is very exciting!


    Shelbie! I love these gentle nudges from your higher self, seems these are exactly what we all need to be doing so thank you for sharing them. Often feeling rushed throughout the day gives us the excuse but these are vital for our care!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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