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This weeks video of healing another fear is faced for me spiders well at least it was just the web that turns anyone in to a ninja when you walk into it. lol
This healing session has helped me with my insecurity I was dealing with the previous videos leading up to this one has helped me get/deal with a lot of things that was off line/offset, to help me reline.
I have learned to be me, to not be someone that others want me to be, to be me and be proud of who I am
to be the honest person I am with the people that don’t get offended by my honesty and non-tactfulness.
I do have to learn to be tactful at the same time I am honest.
now for the last part of this healing session has healed apart of me that I was dealing with and having a very hard time with for the past 3 weeks it has helped me give it back to who it belongs to and gave me insight on how to deal with it on one particular issues that was eating away at me, now that I have did the cord cutting it gave me my power back and how to be tactful when I see them again or speak with them again.
so happy I have these healing videos to look back on and able to re-watch them at anytime I need to refresh my healing.