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    Magical Mothering Method Week 10! Healing the Web of Unworthiness. In this weeks video we are healing and creating space for the solar plexus. During this session we find the root cause of our unworthiness, create space for our empathic abilities, and cut cords.

    Access the Workbook: Magical Mothering Method -solar plexus healing-Week 10


    This weeks video of healing another fear is faced for me spiders well at least it was just the web that turns anyone in to a ninja when you walk into it. lol
    This healing session has helped me with my insecurity I was dealing with the previous videos leading up to this one has helped me get/deal with a lot of things that was off line/offset, to help me reline.
    I have learned to be me, to not be someone that others want me to be, to be me and be proud of who I am
    to be the honest person I am with the people that don’t get offended by my honesty and non-tactfulness.
    I do have to learn to be tactful at the same time I am honest.
    now for the last part of this healing session has healed apart of me that I was dealing with and having a very hard time with for the past 3 weeks it has helped me give it back to who it belongs to and gave me insight on how to deal with it on one particular issues that was eating away at me, now that I have did the cord cutting it gave me my power back and how to be tactful when I see them again or speak with them again.
    so happy I have these healing videos to look back on and able to re-watch them at anytime I need to refresh my healing.


    Sandi, these are such powerful insights and shifts you are getting. The ability to separate yourself from others to be your honest and integrated self is huge!!


    Solar Plexus Healing…as you know Steph, I have done and continue to do alot of work here. I look back and see that I have come LEAPS and BOUNDS with my worthiness in the last two years of healing this chakra with you! I am now making decisions that embody my worthiness instead of doubt it! That being said, every cord cutting here has so much benefit for me instantly. I am like a ball of wound-up string that is continually unwinding. This healing revealed to me how much I have been “hiding” my authentic self previously in my life. I’ve made so many choices for myself that were based on others…this is especially the case in my professional life! This is much more obvious once I started making decisions aligned with my personal integrity. Now, when something isn’t, it feels more and more obvious. I’m moving forward with my healing work and made a decision to leave my corporate job after I knew about some actions I didn’t agree with morally. Cord-cutting post-that experience was definitely needed!


    This week session was uncomfortable but necessary. I realize now that I have spent most of my life trying to make others comfortable. Trying to make others happy to create my own happiness. Although I do find happiness in making others happy I have done it so long that I dont even know what other things make me happy. I came across several moments in my web of life that caused me to be less confident. Often I was made to feel like I deserved what happened or I was asked what did I do to cause it to happen. I never really had anyone to stand up for me other than my brother when he could. He is my biggest hero from my childhood. It helps me though to visualize these experiences now and to tell my inner child that it wasn’t my fault and did not deserve it. Also the cord cutting helps a lot as well. I tend to hold on to all my connections and the feelings they bring for way too long. So cutting those off was a big release. I am definitely starting to feel more in tune with myself and who I am. Although I am still searching for my purpose or calling. But I know I am getting closer each day.


    HOLY COW!!! Ann!!! Huge deal! You left your corporate job! Because you knew it was no longer in alignment. This is so huge!! The sacral has been a huge process of unraveling for you and creating a space of wholeness and worthiness. Knowing that you are worthy of offering your gifts and that the world will be a better place because of it, is a huge step! I am so very proud of all of the work that you have done and continue to do.


    Shelby!! Cord cutting is such a valuable and huge asset to creating real transformation! Allowing for those that have hurt you to no longer have a hold over you is such a powerful release. I am so proud of how much you have been able to implement and create in your life over these past few weeks!

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