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With this weeks healing video I was reminded on how to value your time, one tends to forget to value ones time when you get caught up in everyday life. I enjoy making jewelry and other little things that I make, I pray while I put together the pieces I make and when I am complete I price them I price them to where people can purchase them to enjoy them some pieces I will leave a space for the purchaser can add there own medicine(piece) to it to complete it. I do value my time with each piece however I value the look on ones face and can feel the happiness form the person who buys a piece of my art to add to their collection and that ads value to my time and has my heart full.
I do understand that you need money to make ends meet, I believe you also need happiness to feel your own self needs. so my time is valued the price of my time is valued and so is the joy I see in others so I price in the middle to get a feel of both and still able to make ends meet and more.
A blessing to others brings a blessing in return.