Week 12: Marketing Your Empowered Self

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    Week 12: Marketing Your empowered self
    This weeks session we talk money, charging and the practical aspects of sharing your gifts.
    Learn how to charge so you can create a sustainable living.



    With this weeks healing video I was reminded on how to value your time, one tends to forget to value ones time when you get caught up in everyday life. I enjoy making jewelry and other little things that I make, I pray while I put together the pieces I make and when I am complete I price them I price them to where people can purchase them to enjoy them some pieces I will leave a space for the purchaser can add there own medicine(piece) to it to complete it. I do value my time with each piece however I value the look on ones face and can feel the happiness form the person who buys a piece of my art to add to their collection and that ads value to my time and has my heart full.
    I do understand that you need money to make ends meet, I believe you also need happiness to feel your own self needs. so my time is valued the price of my time is valued and so is the joy I see in others so I price in the middle to get a feel of both and still able to make ends meet and more.
    A blessing to others brings a blessing in return.


    I love your perspective on this as this has been created through so much love, dedication and patience in creating your art and practice.


    Soooooo…now that I left my corporate job!!! My husband, who has been injured for 3 years, rehabilitated himself and is going back to work!! This means that I can continue to homeschool our kids and work part-time. I estimated I could easily spend 20 hours per week toward healing work. With the amount we need in addition to my husband’s income would work out to be approximately what the going wage here is for relatively entry-level work. I can do whatever I want!!!! This is a first for me…to not have the financial responsibility of providing for the whole family AND the confidence to do what I WANT, not want anyone else wants for me. It feels so good : ) My goal is to reach $65/ hour which I think is quite reasonable and not scary at all. I think that is a good sign ; )

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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