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Solar Plexus Healing…as you know Steph, I have done and continue to do alot of work here. I look back and see that I have come LEAPS and BOUNDS with my worthiness in the last two years of healing this chakra with you! I am now making decisions that embody my worthiness instead of doubt it! That being said, every cord cutting here has so much benefit for me instantly. I am like a ball of wound-up string that is continually unwinding. This healing revealed to me how much I have been “hiding” my authentic self previously in my life. I’ve made so many choices for myself that were based on others…this is especially the case in my professional life! This is much more obvious once I started making decisions aligned with my personal integrity. Now, when something isn’t, it feels more and more obvious. I’m moving forward with my healing work and made a decision to leave my corporate job after I knew about some actions I didn’t agree with morally. Cord-cutting post-that experience was definitely needed!