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This week session was uncomfortable but necessary. I realize now that I have spent most of my life trying to make others comfortable. Trying to make others happy to create my own happiness. Although I do find happiness in making others happy I have done it so long that I dont even know what other things make me happy. I came across several moments in my web of life that caused me to be less confident. Often I was made to feel like I deserved what happened or I was asked what did I do to cause it to happen. I never really had anyone to stand up for me other than my brother when he could. He is my biggest hero from my childhood. It helps me though to visualize these experiences now and to tell my inner child that it wasn’t my fault and did not deserve it. Also the cord cutting helps a lot as well. I tend to hold on to all my connections and the feelings they bring for way too long. So cutting those off was a big release. I am definitely starting to feel more in tune with myself and who I am. Although I am still searching for my purpose or calling. But I know I am getting closer each day.