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I have done this homework(week 3)for Stephanie and she suggested that I use what I had wrote for my homework.

My 10 things that I pray will be when my divorce is final…

1 – Freedom

Like you had said. Free to live my life as I choose.
From everything:
* How to wear my hair, makeup, and clothes.
* What things I want to put in and on my body (food, lotions, etc.) to include sex and alternative medicine (weed, oils, etc.).
* The friends of my choosing. To have the freedom to finally have honest friendships and or relationships not based on ALL LIES from the beginning.

2 – Honesty
* Honest about my life in ALL aspects. No, more a life of living lies.

3 – Grateful
* In that I had gotten out in time to live a full and wondrous life.
* Whatever and however long the good Lord will give me health to live my current lifestyle.
4 – Humble
* Kind if goes with answer 3.
* I guess just to be more humbling in the gifts of life that I receive daily. Roof over my head, dry and warm or cool, food and water, clothes, etc.

5 – Thankful
* This one goes hand and hand with answers 3 & 4.

6 – Stronger
* Stronger then I have ever been emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually based on boundaries that I have set to achieve my new life.

7 – Confident
* Like Wonder Woman, in that I walked away from 25 years of an abusive marriage and am still on my own two feet.

8 – Spiritual (work)
* Dreams of a Nun (dream job) Life of service.
* They won’t take me though because of my age and my health. Becoming debt-free will go hand and hand with my divorce settlement.
* Been looking into lady Monk and or Hermitages. The Hermits though are really kind of on their own.

9 – My Higer-Self
* I hope to strive to become that Golden Goddess that I had met!!!

10 – Finally, ready to live the true me life and style.

I hope using these ideas as daily Mantras for me will help.