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Olivia T

This week’s video was so powerful for me! I have experienced trauma and I am always looking for ways to regain power in the areas of my life where I see my past influencing my present. Integrating the lessons I’ve learned from a traumatic experience into the work I do in a compassionate and meaningful way gives me a great feeling of purpose…and restores power to me in a lot of ways. đŸ™‚ But, this is definitely a new experience for me to put myself out there in this type of way…a way that feels a little shaky or unsafe…but I know the work in doing so will have a lot of benefit to me and will help me be able to show up authentically for the people in my life.

I also loved hearing about the root potion, stones, crystals, and the tapping method! Having tangible things like that gets me out of my head and brings me into the present more.

Thank you!!