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    In this weeks video I share how to use stones to integrate the past 3 weeks into our body. I also share what marketing is and how we will be using it through this course.

    This is all about the experiences, healing and insights you received from the Magical Mothering Method Week 4 video.

    Please access the Week 4 PDF workbook here.

    Plus Bonus clearing and Cleaning Stone PDF Workbook

    To get your certification for the Magical Mothering Method, please respond with video, blog post or picture of documentation of work done with each week.



    Learning more about crystals and the natural way of healing some of my issues – anxiety along with vertigo has helped me so much. I find myself turning to mediation more when I am upset feeling a panic attack coming on or feeling a vertigo spell coming on, instead of turning to medication I turn to mediation along with a crystal( which ever one is calling to me at that moment)
    I am finding that instead of arguing, screaming or being Irritated with my hubby I find myself closing my eyes and control my breathing to deal with the whatever is going on at the moment.


    Sandy- what a powerful reprogramming that is happening! Shifting into meditation and awareness instead of medication or triggers.


    I just completed week 4 and I found that using the Emotional Freedom Technique was very beneficial for me. I am a very physical learner. I need to see it and feel it so doing the tapping and actually saying I feel safe out loud integrates better with me. I also enjoy learning more about the stones and how they can help as well. Also I feel more aware of what I am marketing to the world. It helps me to think of my words and actions in that sense.


    whewww, this one is the biggest challenge for me this month. putting myself out there, my authentic self, not the “safe” version. I did it this week! I put out in all my social media accounts that I’m available for astrological and divination readings and wellness coaching! I have issues around lack versus abundance. I’m no longer going to editing myself to be the safe version, to live in integrity with myself! I recently got furloughed for refusing work that went against my ethics. Once again, my integrity is putting us in “unsafe” situation in financial instability but I’m also really proud that I stood up for what I believe was right. Still trying to work out why I’m having to sacrifice my integrity for safety, what lesson is being shown to me around this?

    Also, the EFT for this month is perfect for the healing needs I have around these issues!! thank you!!


    Shelbie, I love that awareness. The physical experience is definitely a powerful one with EFT! So grateful you liked it, it is such a great coping skill.


    Ann, I truly believe that when we put ourselves out there we get responses that would have usually triggered us to returning to the safe version of ourselves. When you show the universe that no matter what you are not going back, so many opportunities and blessings begin coming in! Continue trusting that all your needs and desires will be met and continue to put out that you are available to help others!! I am so proud of you.

    Olivia T

    This week’s video was so powerful for me! I have experienced trauma and I am always looking for ways to regain power in the areas of my life where I see my past influencing my present. Integrating the lessons I’ve learned from a traumatic experience into the work I do in a compassionate and meaningful way gives me a great feeling of purpose…and restores power to me in a lot of ways. đŸ™‚ But, this is definitely a new experience for me to put myself out there in this type of way…a way that feels a little shaky or unsafe…but I know the work in doing so will have a lot of benefit to me and will help me be able to show up authentically for the people in my life.

    I also loved hearing about the root potion, stones, crystals, and the tapping method! Having tangible things like that gets me out of my head and brings me into the present more.

    Thank you!!

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