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    Hello Magical Friends! I just wanted to share my transformations with the group and wasn’t sure what specific week this fits into but here goes…This is my second extensive course of Stephanie’s that I have taken now although I have been following her and doing the work she guides us through for a couple years now! First, let me start by saying, while I have practiced and studied metaphysics and have been intuitive my whole life, I’m also a scientist by profession. We are naturally skeptical, which is good to assess factual information for yourself and not blindly follow what others share as their truths. So I was definitely skeptical when I started but felt compelled to start listening, then to start doing the work…When I started mothering my magical self, as guided by Stephanie, all the pieces and parts of various truths I already knew, had gathered and learned throughout my life all started to fit together. Previously, all the work I had done in counseling, self-help, motivation, chakras, reiki, etc. was difficult to integrate into my daily life and challenges. I was at my rope’s end trying to overgive to my family of 6 and struggling in my career. Since doing the work, I have a happier marriage, better relationships with my children, navigated the grief of my father and father-in-law, landed a 6-figure job, re-found my life purpose and my happiness!!! Just so you know what’s possible and how important mothering your magical self with Stephanie is! It has truly transformed not only my but also my family’s lives! Thanks lady- I’m still a huge work in progress but I’m so grateful for the progress I have made with Steph’s help!!


    Ann!! You have no idea how much you letting us stay with you and your family impacted me. I realized for the first time that the women in the magical Mothering community were not just other women, but on a parallel journey with similar spouse characteristics and so much more!! You allowed me in to a knowing of what was possible and I am so grateful for you and your friendship!! I love and am truly honored to be on this healing journey with you!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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