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    In this weeks Session we go into the science behind the brain. Through this certification process I want you to have the intuition, guidance, support and the information to back up your abilities. Understanding brain development is a vital component to healing, since often the root cause of our behaviors is linked back to before we could communicate or rationally discuss what was happening with us.

    You can access the PDF workbook Magical Mothering Method-solar plexus reprogramming Month 3-Week 11

    Please share your insights and personal experience that happened with this video so that I can count it towards your certification.




    This healing video raised awareness on so many levels it explained why I do shut down when it came to my emotions, why I shut down when I need to deal with emotional time with my kids(they are adults now)
    I use to try and fix all their problems and was always there to help them, when it came time for them to handle an issues they didn’t know how to, they would call me, it took a lot for me to learn to tell them I’m here to listen and give advice but not to fix it. it hurt so much I would cry I felt like a bad mom
    now I blocked that feeling and now I feel like I’m not a mom to them cause they learned to stand on their own 2 feet.
    I hope all this makes sense, I am going to re-watch this video a couple times I’m sure of it to help me heal these part of me that I need to focus on


    What a powerful healing you are creating not just for yourself but your children. Allow for the coping skills and healing to be offered to them if they are able to receive them so they can create new ways of dealing with aspects as well. I am so proud of you and your ability to create space for yourself.


    Nothing comes up for me developmentally until adolescence. I was rebellious and experimented…unknowingly reacting to early childhood sexual abuse from a stranger. I’m sure I halted some aspects of natural development during these times. Emotional regulation and stress management are certainly tools I’m still learning and would love more resources on if anyone has recommendations! Also one benefit of getting older…is getting wiser! You gain perspective looking back that seeming failures ended up being blessings : ) It makes it easier to trust this will continue to occur in your life. Steph, what kind of healing activities would be therapeutic to reenact for adolescence?


    Ann!! Emotional regulation and stress management are definitely on going practices. Giving yourself weekly time to express your feelings so that you are not holding onto past emotions is vital!

    As far as teenage healing, creating your own personal space, doing things that are rebellious!! Standing up for your beliefs at work was a huge step!! Since conformity is such a big part of adulthood, checking you are being on the edge or living your truth is vital. Also finding a song that would have driven your parents crazy and singing/dancing to it would be a great way. Teenagers and music go together!!


    Week 11 was very informative for me. It helps me to learn about the scientific functions of the brain to connect with all the other aspects of life. It truly is all connected. From the womb to birth to present. Its all connected. My child hood was chaotic and my mother smoked and drank during pregnancy so I connected on several levels during this video. It also helped me understand my relationship with my son. I had him when I was 17 and at a very dramatic and chaotic time of my life. It helped me understand what he missed out on due to where I was emotionally and mentally.
    Another thing in this video that stood out to me was the concept of having different personalities around different people. This is something I did another during my younger years and never really knew why. As I have healed and become more whole I dont find myself doing this like I did before but it makes more sense to me now. I truly feel like things are starting to come together and make more sense through this program and working with Stephanie one on one. I am so grateful.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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