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    This week we dive into the heart chakra to activate our very cells to unconditional love and acceptance. Please take the time to watch and integrate the video, then share your experience in a personal blog on your profile.

    Heart Chakra Week 13 PDF Workbook Magical Mothering Method week 13- heart chakra



    Please share your experience each week to receive your certification at the end of the 13 months.



    With this weeks healing video session was amazing, Not only did I see pink I also had waves of green interweaved with the pink my body tingled throughout the only process, I felt like the heaviness was gone and I could breath out guilt or emptiness I felt so peaceful and full of love for myself and for my husband.


    It feels so nice to have my LOVE open again!!! I have been working on healing heart blockages the last couple years from the grief of my father and father-in-law as well blended family resentment and bitterness. My heart feels like it’s been re-built in a way…stripped down of false sources of love, both from my own work and circumstances, and filled with my own self-love. I’m so less emotionally reactive now. Of course, I still have moments where the instinct reactions kick-in and I lose awareness but they are much less frequent. The roller-coaster stabilized…whewwww

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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