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    In this week’s video we go through and find where we lost our passion or our spark. This is a vital component to re-creating your experiences and shift into what it is you DO desire.

    I am so excited to hear about your experience with this week and what awakens within in you!

    PDF Workbook HereĀ 

    To get your certification for the Magical Mothering Method, please respond with video, blog post or picture of documentation of work done with each week.





    I will have to redo this one I don’t feel I got the full experience this go around so much I need to work through and deal with 1st. Once I have cleared up all that was taking over in life I will blog again. I blocked my higher self once again so I need to redo this one.
    funny how life just has challenge’s in/on your path (kids who are on own adult paths but still as a mom it changes yours)
    thank you will blog again soon.


    In this week’s video it was difficult for me to think of an exact moment of creativity. However the one memory that came to mind was about an outfit I was super excited about. I believe I was around 10 to 12 years old and I had bought some all white bell bottom jeans with a colorful stitching along the bottom. I remember I loved these pants so much and I couldn’t wait to show them off. The first day I finally got to wear them to school an older boy made fun of me and teased me about the pants. Once he started teasing me then other people did as well. I remember feeling so crushed and embarrassed. I never wore those pants again. It felt good to imagine my higher self encouraging me to wear what I loved and felt good in. Not to conform to what others believe is trendy or looks good. I think after that incident I subconsciously started to only wear things that would help me blend in or not draw too much attention. But I was always drawn to people who dressed “differently”. I really enjoy working on this chakra so far and it has helped me feel a bit more excited and vibrant. I think for my creative project I want to paint something. I havent painted in years and I have a couple visions I’d like to try to bring to life.


    I have tried finding my ‘bubble getting burst’ moments in my mind and heart and they are so buried and cluttered I can’t remember specifically, is that ok?


    Hello all,
    I re-watched this video 3 times to work on 3 different losses I kept bottled up.
    I find that I tend to hold my emotions in till I just cant any longer and then I release it I do that with all my emotions ( anger, sadness and occasionally happiness)
    going through this healing process is helping/ teaching me how to release my emotions and to face fears..
    I am learning to trust myself and my intuition

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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