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    I feel like I have made huge strides forward in this aspect of wholeness for me this week! I have struggled throughout my life with lack versus abundance. My family and I moved to Alaska last year and nature is soooooooo incredibly abundant here, which has been very healing for my sacral chakra. We worked to harvest and preserve lots of salmon and berries. I also FINALLY formulated and created a product I’ve been dreaming up for years now, an herbal first aid salve made of all organic and Alaskan native plants. Now for the production and the digital business details lol…I love how you emphasized how abundance can be and often is seasonal! We used to be naturally very in-tune with this seasonality but as our connection with nature has lessened as a society, so as our connection with abundance. Again, up here in Alaska, the seasonality is even more extreme and therefore emphasized. In the summer, you get out as much as you possibly can to 1)enjoy the light, 2)gather and harvest as much of the natural abundance as possible-which is basically a survival necessity to live here since transported groceries are alot more expensive and/or 3)your employment is seasonally based also. We live in a culture that promotes go-go-go 24/7 and that’s not only unrealistic, it’s also unsustainable.


    We Travel a lot for our Business Teaspoon Trading, we carry a lot of native American items, I make jewelry and healing baskets{sage, lavender, sweetgrass, Palo Santo and 2 crystals}.
    well we are on the road we spend time out in nature I get my nature time 1st thing in the morning by the fire with my tea or coffee which ever I feel like in the morning with my “me time”
    we also try to spend some us time together to chat and bond, laugh and learn about each other as we grow.
    This healing process is also helping my husband learn about himself and about his past. This has helped us in our marriage, in our communication and how to work together on our travels

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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