Magical Mothering Method

Welcome Video for Magical Mothering Method

Get the Magical Mothering Method Certification and Mentorship for a donation.

What does that mean? It means you invest what is in alignment with you. It means that through this course your life will be transformed, healed and reprogrammed. By stepping out of your comfort zone and investing in yourself you will receive incredible growth in this journey. So excited you are here!

What is included in the Magical Mothering Method?

  • Weekly Video with Chakra Ritual/Initiation, Healing, Reprogramming and Integration with Marketing your magical self
  • Weekly PDF Workbook to help you stay on track, keep track of your progress, notes and insights
  • Monthly LIVE Group Healing Session with personal attention with Stephanie Mathews to get healing, insights and support on your personal journey
  • Private Community that is off of social media to get support, encouragement and healing in between healing sessions
  • All of this all comes with a donation that is in alignment with you and what you are able to give right now!

If you are looking for individualized or personalized support that is specific for you, or if you come across a point in the program that you need more specific support, please consider booking a one time Magical Mothering Session or the 1-1 mentorship.

Retreats that can be added onto the program:

  • Quartz Crystal Mining and Healing Retreat in Mt Ida Arkansas October 2,3,4, 2020
  • Becoming the Vortex Healing Retreat Sedona, Arizona March 2021
  • Magical Mothering Activation and Healing Kauai, HI June 2021
  • Healing with the power of Mother Earth West Yellowstone, MT August 2021

Want 1-1 mentorship for the Magical Mothering Method?

Book a One Time Magical Mothering Session

Book a Magical Mothering Session