Week 22: Third Eye Chakra Healing

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    In this healing session we will go through the remembering process of where we may have lost or forgotten our innate physic abilities. It is vital to be able to use our IN-sight clearly and effectively so we not only help others but heal our own lives to wholeness.

    PDF Workbook: Magical Mothering Method week 22- Third Eye Chakra Healing




    Hello with this session I seen a little girl flowing towards me like she was holding something as she got closer I ran right through her.(yes I was frightened) when I told my mom about this she and my grandma told me I was going to have a child at a young age.(I do believe I was around 12 at the time)after that I blocked everything with that ability. BY the way yes I did have my 1st child at the age of 17.
    I also received the gut feeling, that voice to released the guilt that I have been caring around for so long that it is ok to let it go.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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