New Moon in Pisces – April 1, 2022 Transcription and Recording


Hello! Hello! 30 days of moon magic! I love it.  I love it.

30 days of moon magic. Hello! Oh, i’m so excited i’m so excited.

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So. hello, hello! What is 30 days of moon magic. i’m so excited, And we’re on I don’t I don’t want to say day one because 30 days of moon magic.

The moon goes through its phases in in 29.5 days.

So every 29.5 days there’s a new moon phase and the moon, just like everything else in the universe, including the earth, the trees, the plants, all of these things the moon phases the celestials I mean we’re in this

this a Oh, look at that you see it just like drop we’re in this space where everything around us really impacts us and affects us.

So it’s really important and vital to understand that the moon phases have an effect on this is just basic aspects. Yet for some reason we don’t actually take into consideration how much these moon phases actually affect us.

So today, April The first is a new moon and it’s a new moon, and pisces I don’t actually know what the astrology moon is right now, so I don’t follow astrology. Okay, So there’s a lot of things that I need to preface all of this with I don’t follow astrology, because astrology is off by more than 300 years, we’re actually not in those the sun is not coming up in those astrological signs anymore.

During those time frames they’re totally different, and so what I follow is biodynamic farming, and a astronomy, and actually follow what observatories are, seeing, and what observatories are noticing in the sky right now versus what has been happening in the past.

So. the moon phases are something that affect us so intricately, and they really have a pull on our lives.  about moon phases, or if you’ve been following the moon phases.

If you want to go to the discord and just type in what your energy level is and then I can kind of share with you a little bit about what these moon phases have effects on us.

It’s so in vital and important to realize that especially as women, which is what i’m going to be really directing these this 30 days of moon magic to is women  I feel, have been left behind.

We are in this space of really needing to own our bodies, own our abilities, own our thoughts, own who and what we are.

And when we take ownership of these aspects, and begin to see how that everything around us, how the world around us really brings into us the energies that we have the momentum that we have the moon will tell us when to tune into something new which is right now. So the new moon is really about the rebirth cycle.

So we live in a belief system societally in the Western world, that there is life and death, and that is it.

The moon and the seasonal rhythms and everything around us, and even I would like to say Jesus in His own life, death, and rebirth.

Experience taught us this. So this is not a new idea. This is as old as the earth itself, and the moon itself.

And Diana says, I want to dance and howl at the moon, and that is very much something that we do at the full moon when they energy is just building up so much and we just Let it all go right. And yet the new moon is this baby in the rebirthing of ourselves, and who and what we are.

So every single month we we get an opportunity, 2 rebirth our world reality.

We are not stuck in one trajectory,  If this resonates, if you’ve been on a path in your life, and suddenly you went this is not the direction I want to go and life kind of veered off. Or maybe you’re right there at the precipice right now, feeling kind of lost, feeling really confused or going,

Is this all there is to life I don’t understand if this is where we’re going.

So there’s this there’s an opportunity every single month at the new moon today.

2 day is that opportunity to realize that what is no longer serving you is dying, and has died.

There might be relationships that were lost. There might be jobs that were lost.

There might be friendships that were lost there’s so much loss happening.

There’s so much transition happening in the world and these deaths. Are not these final aspects in our lives that need to steal our energy?

What we do get the opportunity to do is grieve these deaths, so that we can come forward into this moment this rebirthing moment. And it’s such an exciting time to really allow for this moment to be fully realized.

So the new moon is a rebirth. We do not have that concept or idea in our culture.

Like, I was saying, we have a life and death cycle.

The rebirth cycle is right now this rebirthing it eliminates all fear of Deat, of not fully living. I think so often a lot of us have this fear of dying, so we don’t fully live because we go.

This, is it? This is our one chance. I have to do it right.

I have to do it perfect? I can’t mess it up but what if there was this, this other?

What if there was another? What if there was another possibility where we lived?

We died, and then we were reborn, and even in in all the religious texts.

And I focus on Christianity because that’s what I was raised in and I went to a Bible college.

I went on missions trips. I was very much raised in the church.

I am not a Christian anymore, and I do not resonate with Christianity in the way that it’s taught.

I do believe in Jesus, and I am a pagan to, because I do not want to be associated with the Christian Church.

Yet Jesus in his own life showed a life, death, rebirth process.

These are not new concepts. The seasons go we’re in are in a rebirthing process.

Right now with spring. we just came out of death of winter, when everything was dead and dormant, and the seeds are now coming up, and so spring itself is a rebirththing, process and  what the point of this today is is to realize that this cycle, life and death is not all that there is this cycle of life death and rebirth, what is it that is being reborn? What is it that needs encouragement to be reborn?

What is it that is awakening? What is that little baby wanting to start over?

I think so. During the next week, during the waxing crescent of the moon, we’re gonna be doing a lot of inner child work because it’s a perfect time to really focus on our inner child as the moon is in its infancy, as the moon is beginning to grow up we get to have the opportunity every month to really go within and play fully, and inner child work is not just about reliving the trauma, but it’s really about playing and being in a playful spirit, and really living our nature, because, as children in this rebirthing process, there’s a vital time of being able to rebirth as your authentic self.  I want to say it again during the new moon, is an opportunity to be reborn as your authentic self, to fully live in your nature, not your nurturing, not your programming, not what you were told.

You are not who you think you are, but in your nature, and to go on the journey through the moon phases to really awaken and find your nature.

I do have a Patreon. Patreon, com forward, slash, magical mothering!

You can find the tiers there. I have just a tear to join magical mothering on Patreon, starting at $3, and then I have a Patreon tier specifically for the 30 days of moon magic which starts at $33 have where I send a magic potion to your doorstep every month.

I have one on one session, tears available, and then I have the seasonal retreat.

Tiers available the seasonal retreats happen at the sabbath’s, or the seasonal festivals. and when we gather for these seasonal festivals, we’re going to be recreating our nature is this about

astrology just asking so I don’t actually follow astrology.

I was saying this a little earlier, because astrology is off by about 300 years. As far as the dates are concerned, follow astronomy, which is the current following of the stars.

And so astronomy is very much about observational. right now. Astrology is not necessarily in correct timing with what is happening right now.

So I hope that answered your question. If you have more questions about it i’d love to get into that astrology itself fantastic.

But it’s not accurate. any longer it was accurate at 1 point, like I was saying about 300 years ago, but it is no longer accurate.

So look at, and all the pdfs that I give out every day are all about exactly what’s happening right now.

So the sun rises and sunsets, for now the the moon rises, and moonsets for now, and the moon phases that were in right now.

And what moon, what constellations the moon is going through right now versus what it was going through you it’s constantly shifting and changing So astrology is not very accurate, whereas astronomy, and using our observational skills to see with our own eyes and really connect with the celestial bodies around us is so much more accurate, which is what this whole thing is, is empowering ourselves to actually not just trust what other people are sharing with us, or to trust what something is saying.

And we read about it. But to go outside and really connect our nature to nature, when we, when we connect our nature to nature around us and reconnect with standing on the earth and looking out at the stars, and looking at what phase the moon is actually in in real time, not on our computer, on a picture, but really seeing it, and then connecting with the celestial bodies or the constellations or the stars around it, and really connecting with a way that is authentic. there’s a transformation that happens and so this is what 30 days of moon magic is all about.

Obviously you can tell I have a lot, to share and i’m very excited about all of this, and so we’re gonna be unraveling a lot of this happening.

And so once again You can join in on Patreon Patreon com forward, slash, magical mothering, or you can go to magical mothering com.

There’s a patreon link on there in the blogs and pauseate podcast section the

And so really this is. this is a time for us to rebirth ourselves, to come back into our nature, and to really step out of the programming that we have been taught the programming that we no longer is serving us and allow for

that to die and to grieve that, and to move forward, and to be rebirthed into who and what we truly are.

So thanks for joining in today. I will see you tomorrow.

Same time same place, and we will continue to unravel this beautiful thing called Moon Magic.