Day 4: Sensitizing the Body Lunar Cycle

 So for the audio of this we are on day 4 of sensitizing the body. Let’s get started. So day 4 is a review day.

11:11:14 So, I was going through the review, and I actually missed one of the poses yesterday because the page was gone.

11:11:23 I’ve had this book over 20 years. So it’s a very well loved book, and one of the pages is not in there, so we will be reviewing everything we’ve done over the past 3 days.

11:11:41 Exercise, or the small, you know, the less extreme postures.

11:11:48 Please do that. We’re not pushing, pulling, tugging, fighting our bodies into this practice.

11:11:54 We are engaging and sensitizing our body, which I can feel.

11:12:00 This circle woo is sore today. So I’m feeling it.

11:12:05 Today. I hope you are, too. And really getting into your body and allowing for these sensations to be felt.

11:12:12 So we are going to start with the chest expansion, which starts pushing out and up.

11:12:23 Keep your arms straight as we’re doing this, and pull down

11:12:30 Hold, 15

11:12:35 Or nice in breath.

11:12:40 Outlook.

11:12:43 Relaxing into it more in breath.

11:12:48 On the outbreak into it deeper. One more

11:12:57 Outbreak.

11:12:59 And hang over. Relax your head so that it hangs nice deep in breath, straight knees

11:13:16 And hit

11:13:20 Exhale.

11:13:26 Inhale.

11:13:32 Exhale.

11:13:37 Come back up to upright. We’re gonna push our arms out in front of our chest, up over our head, behind us to do an even more extreme pull, pulling down to below the butt crease, holding

11:13:55 Might feel a shaking or a quivering in this extreme hold.

11:14:07 Relaxing, the neck, rolling down with the arms

11:14:17 And leaning forward, keeping your hands clasped, going up and over

11:14:26 Holding.

11:14:32 Hmm. Releasing with every exhale

11:14:38 More into the stretch, bending further towards your knees.

11:14:51 And come back up right

11:14:57 The next position we are doing is the triangle, and we have 3 poses that we’re gonna be doing today.

11:15:07 We’re gonna start off with the knee, move to the caps and then go to the ankle.

11:15:14 Today. And we are going to be holding for 15 or 3 deep breaths for each of these, starting off with hips.

11:15:27 Starting off with legs, hip width apart, arms outstretched at your side, straight out.

11:15:38 We’re gonna lift our arm up and over our head and try.

11:15:47 Oh!

11:15:48 Oh! For 3D. In breath

11:16:01 And

11:16:03 Out!

11:16:24 And on the exhale. Feel, if you could. There’s a release in the side muscles here

11:16:24 So back up to neutral arms outstretched, reach down and triangle to the other leg.

11:16:35 Other needs.

11:16:38 In breath.

11:16:41 Outbreak and release the tension, release deep, or into the stretch

11:16:56 One more deep in breath.

11:17:01 And now breath

11:17:06 We’re gonna wide in our stance and go down to our calf.

11:17:12 So arms out at the side, straight out

11:17:18 We’re gonna go up and over, triangling down to the cast

11:17:28 Deep, breaths.

11:17:45 One last breath

11:17:50 And then up, back to arms, outstretched on either side and over to the other side.

11:18:00 In a triangle, grasping the calf

11:18:11 Deep breaths, here.

11:18:23 One last deep breath.

11:18:30 Back! To arms outstretched, and we are going into the third or most extreme of the triangles.

11:18:42 So if you need to have your hits and your legs outstretched a little bit wider, arms out at your sides, go into a triangle.

11:18:52 All the way down to your ankle

11:18:58 Hold for 15

11:19:16 And up, arms outstretched and down to a triangle on the other leg.

11:19:44 And up.

11:19:49 Bring your feet together, allow for your shoulders to drop. Oh.

11:20:01 Allow for your body to feel what it is just done, and the goodness that kind of comes from the stretching.

11:20:12 I really felt my skin stretching out and getting looser and allowing for those muscles to pull and release on the sides.

11:20:24 Today. So I’m already a little sore from yesterday’s circle.

11:20:30 So we’re gonna do circles again. Which we are going to start off with small and really, really focus on making not just front side back, but really twisting and creating a circle with your body as we go into these poses.

11:20:51 So we’re gonna do each of them twice

11:21:00 I’m gonna do each of them twice. Okay. So hands on the hips, heels together.

11:21:08 Make sure that you’re standing nice and upright in your not hunched over already.

11:21:14 Really kind of tuck. I like to pull my sit bones in that way.

11:21:22 I’m sitting in my body straight, and I’m not stretching out so really tuck in the hit phones when you’re doing this that way, you’re not gonna further create any tension or structurally inhibit the body.

11:21:40 Okay, so pelvic in. And we’re gonna start off with forward for a deep breath in breath.

11:21:50 And exhale twist by making that quarter circle to the left.

11:22:00 Deep breath, in

11:22:03 And release

11:22:08 Twisting, circling quarter to the back

11:22:14 Breathing.

11:22:18 Quarter to the right.

11:22:25 And we’re doing the same intensity of circles.

11:22:30 So one more time. The first just slight rotation in breath in front

11:22:40 To the side

11:22:47 To the back.

11:22:57 To the side

11:23:03 Now, when we go to the front this time, we’re gonna go slightly deeper into this twist

11:23:15 To the side. Remember ringing your body all the way around.

11:23:22 Slightly deeper into the side

11:23:29 Now back.

11:23:37 And around

11:23:45 And forward same as the last one. So we’re not intensifying yet

11:23:55 To the side

11:24:03 To the back.

11:24:10 To the side

11:24:14 And for this one to the front we’re gonna go as extreme to the front.

11:24:18 So half back to the front and then we’re gonna go the opposite direction.

11:24:24 So to the right, first extreme. So pulling, really twisting the body, and as grand of a circle, and leaning over as far as you can, releasing this site and really allowing for your body to drag over

11:24:41 Twisting around to the back in dream. You can.

11:24:50 You might feel these muscles start to quiver a lot for these muscles to be stretched

11:24:59 To the left, stinking in and allowing for this muscle, these muscles to be stretched

11:25:12 And then back the the front for a half back. One more last one all the way to the side, extreme as you can

11:25:29 Twisting all the way to the back as extreme as you can.

11:25:41 All the way to the left, as extreme as you can.

11:25:48 And come back, 2 standing

11:25:56 So so now we’re gonna be going into the sitting postures

11:26:03 So here we have the knee and thigh stretch, though meet together.

11:26:13 Hands classed over it toes, and we are gonna be starting off with our legs in a butterfly position.

11:26:29 And then we are going to push on these down into as far as the go, and before for 20 s, breathing deeply, allowing for the knees to further be pushed down to the floor

11:27:21 And

11:27:31 See how many times we do this

11:27:37 We’re gonna have to do one more time pulling in and pushing down towards the ground.

11:27:46 Following.

11:27:54 Take nice deep breaths.

11:28:27 Next we go to the simple

11:28:36 Okay.

11:28:44 I’m gonna do this twice to the left side and twice to the right side.

11:28:49 Okay. So we’re taking our foot, bringing it to the opposite outside me.

11:28:56 Taking our arm, putting it to our knee that is up, and leveraging ourselves to twist and look behind us.

11:29:07 You can lift this butt cheek up to really get in there, or you can have it flat bottomed

11:29:25 And release and then we’re gonna go to the same side.

11:29:30 So facing forward is the release and we’re gonna take our elbow and leverage again.

11:29:37 I guess, keeping your butt cheeks both of them on the ground is, I think, how you would like to do this.

11:29:42 So, keeping both your butt cheeks well twisted, and maintaining that this foot, that is flat on the ground stays flat

11:30:01 And come back 2 s. Legs outstretched in front of you, adjusting your cushions.

11:30:12 That you’re sitting on your butt cheeks and foot to the outside of the knee, using your loop to leverage and twist behind you

11:30:39 And release

11:30:42 Take a breath.

11:30:45 And leverage your arm again, and twist around

11:31:02 And release

11:31:07 Next, we are going into the back stretch. So, having your legs out in front of you, you can point your toes or have flat feet.

11:31:19 Just be aware of what your feet are doing. Don’t just lazily have them!

11:31:23 Doping, engage your legs in this, so either have them pointing or flat feet flexed.

11:31:33 But either way engage your whole body in the sixth. So with the backstretch we are, gonna do nice

11:31:47 Let me see why this says something. Oh, yeah, okay. Nice. And then we’re gonna go to thighs.

11:31:55 Okay, so we will do each of these

11:32:00 Twice.

11:32:04 Alright! So we first lean back, engage these core muscles, and up and over, grab onto the knees, pulling the chest towards the knees.

11:32:19 Hold for 15. Here.

11:32:45 And come back up to sitting, arms outstretched, lean back, lean forward and grab the knees one more time, and pull down and hold for 15.

11:33:00 Allowing for this to continuously be pulled lower and lower, as your deep breathing allows

11:33:28 And come back up.

11:33:33 And we will lean back again and reach up and over to our calves today.

11:33:43 Pulling down, feeling the back of our hamstrings, releasing

11:34:19 And release arms out, stretched up behind you, lean back and up and over to grab onto the calves

11:34:36 Pulling down, pulling your chest down towards your thighs.

11:34:45 Pulling your forehead down towards your knees.

11:35:03 And come back up to neutral. Now we’re gonna be doing a next exercise that we were supposed to do in yesterday’s practice, but did not

11:35:21 So, it’s the leg over. Try to do this without.

11:35:34 I might have to move around in here a little bit, so we’re lying flat on our back, arms outstretched.

11:35:36 At your sides. We’re gonna lift our leg up and bring it over

11:35:45 And if you can bring it all the way to the floor, that’s ideal

11:35:51 I’ll take it over in here, so I need to scoot over and do this.

11:35:56 Oh, over! And this gives such a beautiful twist to that lower back

11:36:05 You want to try to keep both of the shoulder blades, you can, on the ground

11:36:25 Up.

11:36:29 And back down, and we’re gonna go to the other side

11:36:36 So arms outstretched.

11:36:40 Like up good over

11:36:51 Hopefully. You have more room than I do to do these exercises

11:37:04 Up.

11:37:08 And we’ll do the other side again. This is a nice way to twist the spine and release that pressure in there.

11:37:20 So legs one like up over

11:37:45 Back, up and down at last time, for the other leg might not need to be scooting over any and up and over

11:38:20 And up, and and let’s go back into a kneeling as we are going to end with the cobra so we’re gonna do a slightly higher cobra today.

11:38:43 In the last time

11:38:47 So laying down.

11:38:54 Relaxing everything below the hips, the legs, the feet relaxing them.

11:39:00 Bringing the arms together under the forehead, placing your forehead

11:39:08 Then raising your forehead, sliding your arms out to a 90 degree.

11:39:25 Gently pushing up. This is not the extreme position we’re just pushing up

11:39:25 Holding.

11:39:26 Breathing.

11:39:35 And release down to your port, added

11:39:42 Bring your head up

11:39:47 And pull out and push up slightly higher, where elbows are just burly, bent

11:39:57 Relax your butt, relax your legs, relax, your feet engaged in your shoulders, engaged in your neck, engaged in your upper back.

11:40:15 Feel attention releasing and relaxing out of your lower back

11:40:28 And release

11:40:39 So now we are going to do each of these 8 exercises in a ballet like sequence, and only the extreme of each of them so we’re not gonna go through and do all of them from the beginning to be in.

11:41:02 We’re only going to do the most extreme poses.

11:41:05 So whichever it feels, and whichever your body allows for you to do is your extreme pose.

11:41:11 So, if you’re not able to do the extreme poses yet, don’t push and contort yourself to hurt yourself is not the point of Yoga point of Yoga is to create a beautiful poised body.

11:41:25 So I’m gonna this just slide me back. Okay. So we’re going to start off with the chest expansion.

11:41:34 So, pushing your arms out and up over your head, clasping them behind you, reach down as extreme as you can.

11:41:49 And forward, relaxing your neck, letting your head water fall down

11:42:00 And up gracefully, like moving into the position of the triangle.

11:42:10 Feet wide, arms out, stretched, going and triangling down to the ankle

11:42:25 And coming back up to arms, outstretched, triangle, down to the other ankle.

11:42:36 And then back it up

11:42:40 And going to these circles, hands on hips, beat in first position, every ankles together and flat back forward.

11:42:57 Twisting around to most extreme side. Most extreme back, most extreme.

11:43:07 Other side, back to forward and app. Next we will be doing, being me and thigh, stretch

11:43:21 Feet together, classing and pushing down towards the ground.

11:43:36 And we will outstretched our legs, lifting our life, putting our foot flat.

11:43:45 Using our elbow elbow to leverage and doing a twist

11:43:57 On the level, beat out in front of you, alternate underneath, leveraging your elbow to twist

11:44:17 And to backstretch feet out in front of you.

11:44:29 Arms back, lifting up and over to our cabs, pulling our chest towards our knees.

11:44:50 And release to the leg leg over. So if you’re able to stay in the same position, otherwise one way or the other, arms out, shoulder blades against the ground, put up and over to touch as far down as possible while keeping the shoulder lights on the ground.

11:45:26 Lifting back, up, placing down on the floor.

11:45:34 Other leg and that is definitely not very badly like of me.

11:45:41 Scooching across the floor. But that is okay.

11:45:54 Leads the way back, up and back, down yourself to sitting.

11:46:02 Or ultimately lay down and just roll over and bring your hands to your head.

11:46:14 Lighting the arms out at 90 degrees, pushing yourself up

11:46:34 And head down and take a moment to go. Yeah, I will read the thoughts or the day total involvement in your practice inherent in most systems of okay

11:47:40 Hey!

11:47:40 Have benefited from their workout but meaningful exercise, which I define in terms of methodical body. Manipulation need not contain any of the above

11:47:50 Indeed. The Yoga session is designed to be a highly pleasurable experience, in which, as you now know, the exact opposites are true.

11:48:01 That is, the movements are performed in relaxing slow motion, and are very few petitions.

11:48:08 No strain should ever be felt, and the practice session leaving you leaving you feeling elevated and revitalized, not drained.

11:48:18 Contrasting the 2 concepts. Further, we find that in most systems of calisthenics it is not particularly important what the mind is thinking, or where it wanders.

11:48:30 As long as the body is executing the required movements.

11:48:35 As a matter of fact, in many calisthenics classes music is played as a type of distraction.

11:48:44 The mind is encouraged to disengage itself from the boredom and discomfort that the body is experiencing.

11:48:52 But again, the exact opposite is true of Yoga, and it is this point that we now wish to impress strongly on the student through the Yoga Practice Session.

11:49:04 We attempt to fix the consciousness fully on all movements of the exercises, and not allow it to wander.

11:49:17 We become totally involved in what we are doing, you must feel what it is happening in your organism, especially during the holding periods.

11:49:30 Learn to feel the stretching become the stretch, learn to do not run away from it, feel the stimulation, feel the release of energy within you, feel the relaxation.

11:49:48 If you perceive that your attention is wandering, bring it back gently but firmly, to what you are doing before beginning each day’s exercises.

11:49:59 Remind yourself of this procedure. The practice of deep concentration on the movements excluding all interfering thoughts, results in a pronounced increase in the effectiveness of the exercises

11:50:17 Later upon completion of the day’s exercises, you will be instructed to sit very quietly for a brief period, and become aware to the greatest degree possible of what is transpiring within you, so I hope that you are beginning to get a greater sense of maybe where in your body I feel the

11:50:40 Stiffness and the stretching and the release and the relaxation after I’ve done with these, so we will continue this practice.

11:50:48 Like I, said I, and probably not going to be doing Facebook lives for the remaining of the week.

11:50:57 Possibly this entire lunar cycle, as it’s really hard to interact during alive for a Yoga session.

11:51:04 Anyway, I will most likely just be recording these and then posting them, as that is, gonna be easiest to get them put up to you.

11:51:14 So thanks for joining along leaves. By all means call comment, and let me know what you think about this Yoga practice hop into the Discord Group, or on Patreon, and let me know your thoughts, and I will see you all tomorrow.

11:51:27 Goodbye!

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