Day 3 of Sensitizing the Body Lunar Cycle

Hello! Welcome to day! 3 of sensitizing the body. We are going to continue with our Yoga practice.

Expanding on what we’ve been doing the past 2 days.

00:00:36.459 –> 00:00:42.858

If you have not been participating their past 2 days. The replays and the videos of those are available in forward, slash, magical leathering.

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Otherwise. Hop in today and join us. A disclaimer.

00:00:47.009 –> 00:00:55.859

If any, of the positions we’re doing, we’re building upon each day.

00:00:55.859 –> 00:01:11.358

So if any of the positions that we’re working on today are too much, just do the initial position that we’ll start with.

00:01:11.358 –> 00:01:19.258

So we’ll go through and do the first position that we did once in each of these, and then we’ll move forward kind of gradually strengthening and flexing and increasing our flexibility throughout these movements.

00:01:19.258 –> 00:01:22.657

So to say, Hello! If you’re here that way, I can connect with you, and even through the replays, say Hello!

00:01:22.657 –> 00:01:29.308

That may I know that you’re watching? Good morning, Natasha.

00:01:29.308 –> 00:01:43.259

So, and let me know what you’re feeling. I think I’m feeling pretty good today.

00:01:43.259 –> 00:01:52.058

I know after day. 3. I will probably be pretty sore, is usually the day that tends to get my body really going.

00:01:52.058 –> 00:01:58.658

So we are going to start with circles, so we will be taking our heels.

00:01:58.658 –> 00:02:07.258

Bringing our heels together for this nice buttoning up nice and tight.

00:02:07.258 –> 00:02:17.658

We will do. Hands on our hips, and we will be starting off with gently I’ll do it this way.

00:02:17.658 –> 00:02:21.958

So you can see just very small circle. We’re actually going to be doing this this and this in circles.

00:02:21.958 –> 00:02:31.759

So when we do our circles, we’re gonna be going forward.

00:02:31.759 –> 00:02:37.358

And it’s not just forward side back. We actually want to twist and roll.

00:02:37.358 –> 00:02:46.458

So we want to whoa to the side. We want to roll to the back.

00:02:46.458 –> 00:02:56.108

Okay, so let’s get started. We are going to do the 3 sets of circles.

00:02:56.108 –> 00:03:17.558

Sorry my alarm is going off. There we go. Sorry my alarm went off okay, so we’re gonna do 3 sets of circles.

00:03:17.558 –> 00:03:23.410

And that way. Yes. So let’s get started. So hands on the hips, heels together forward and we’re gonna hold for 5 for 3 to one, and then we’re gonna roll to the side.

00:03:23.410 –> 00:03:35.157

Hold, and you can either hold for 5 or do a nice inhale

00:03:35.157 –> 00:03:44.559

And a beautiful exhale, which is what we’re gonna do is instead. And then we’re gonna roll to the back inhale

00:03:44.559 –> 00:03:49.408

And roll to the side. Who I got a back crack out of that one? Inhale

00:03:49.408 –> 00:03:53.858

And exhale

00:03:53.858 –> 00:03:59.908

Sorry. Let me swipe back over somehow. Swipe to the left.

00:03:59.908 –> 00:04:06.957

There we go. Okay. Now, we’re gonna do forward again.

00:04:06.957 –> 00:04:10.557

Roll from the side to forward, and we’re gonna be slightly more forward.

00:04:10.557 –> 00:04:15.608

Than we were the first time. Hold

00:04:15.608 –> 00:04:26.158

Nice breath here.

00:04:26.158 –> 00:04:33.208

Roll from this position roll to the side. Okay, so hold

00:04:33.208 –> 00:04:42.008

Keep your ankles heels together

00:04:42.008 –> 00:04:57.608

Roll to the back, more exaggerated than you did the first time

00:04:57.608 –> 00:05:16.910

Nice inhale here, then, exhale further feeling that stretch, roll to the other side

00:05:16.910 –> 00:05:28.960

Nice, inhale and exhale. Now once more, all the way flat back, roll to the front, hold

00:05:28.960 –> 00:05:41.259

All the way as far to the side. Then, as you can

00:05:41.259 –> 00:05:55.158

And back as far extreme as you can

00:05:55.158 –> 00:06:03.210


00:06:03.210 –> 00:06:23.157

As far extreme as you can. Then to the other side, viewing that’s deep stretch

00:06:23.157 –> 00:06:29.759

Listing all the way to the front and back, up, roll the shoulders up and down that way.

00:06:29.759 –> 00:06:39.258

You’re standing nice and straight. Let’s go on to the next position.

00:06:39.258 –> 00:06:46.609

The next position is the triangle. We started this one yesterday, so we are going to start with feet.

00:06:46.609 –> 00:06:50.259

Yep with and arms outstretched. Go to one side.

00:06:50.259 –> 00:06:55.560

We’re gonna we’re not twisting on this one.

00:06:55.560 –> 00:07:05.557

We’re simply going to directly over. 2 are near me.

00:07:05.557 –> 00:07:25.060

Arm over our ear. We wanna keep our body nicely in alignment, and we’re gonna have a whole here for 15

00:07:25.060 –> 00:07:43.559

7 more seconds, few more nice deep breaths.

00:07:43.559 –> 00:08:08.160

3 to one. So back up to arms outstretched, we’re gonna do the other side to the knee and hold for 15

00:08:08.160 –> 00:08:15.709

Remember arm. I just suggested, arm over the ear while you’re doing this, bye, or

00:08:15.709 –> 00:08:27.759

To, and one and we’re gonna do another set of triangle.

00:08:27.759 –> 00:08:34.058

But we’re going to extend our stance. So we’re gonna now be about twice as wide as we just were, and we are going to go to our calf.

00:08:34.058 –> 00:08:39.160

So, or over directly over. You want to try angle this Google down to the Cap.

00:08:39.160 –> 00:08:47.310

I know I’m not really in the picture, but I’m not gonna sit here adjusting my phone.

00:08:47.310 –> 00:09:07.810

I’m not a yoga instructor. I’m just having you join in my daily yoga practice with me.

00:09:07.810 –> 00:09:15.708

So enjoy over your arm, over your ear. Hmm. 10. Breathe 19, 8, 7, 6, bye, or

00:09:15.708 –> 00:09:29.411

To one, and up and we’re gonna go to the other side.

00:09:29.411 –> 00:09:33.057

The other calf. So our straight down to the cap, your other arm directly over your ear, and we’re gonna hold here for 15.

00:09:33.057 –> 00:09:41.109

If this is too much of a stretch, go back to your name.

00:09:41.109 –> 00:09:47.658

That is totally fine. This book and this program is 28 day program advances very quickly.

00:09:47.658 –> 00:09:57.457

So if you need a few more days in those first poses, instead of advancing on, please do that.

00:09:57.457 –> 00:09:59.459

Don’t stretch, or pull, or fight, or contort your body to try to achieve these positions.

00:09:59.459 –> 00:10:15.859

If they’re not ready to go there

00:10:15.859 –> 00:10:22.658

And 5 for right 2 and one back up to neutral and bring it in.

00:10:22.658 –> 00:10:37.360

Okay, let’s go to the next one. We’re going to be going to the floor now.

00:10:37.360 –> 00:11:09.111

Which is, see me, and 5 stretch so I’ve seen a little bit better, so we will take our legs, our feet.

00:11:09.111 –> 00:11:12.259

We will put them blacks of our feet together, bring them in grass around your toes, and then we are going to push down, push down with the just, the just, the weight of our legs, our knees, we want to push our knees, as close to the floor as we can and hold take nice deep breaths and as there’s

00:11:12.259 –> 00:11:27.162

Releasing, continue to push your knees down towards the floor.

00:11:27.162 –> 00:11:48.259

To get an even further. Better stretch, and you could pull in. This pulling in is really important to get the muscles to push down towards the floor, so push down

00:11:48.259 –> 00:11:52.859

One more nice deep breath here, inhaling

00:11:52.859 –> 00:12:04.710

And exhaling.

00:12:04.710 –> 00:12:11.158

Release the legs, put to the legs straight out in front of you, and we’re gonna be doing our back stretch.

00:12:11.158 –> 00:12:19.210

We’re gonna be starting at the knees for account.

00:12:19.210 –> 00:12:31.059

A hold of 15, and then we are gonna do it again to go to our calves for a hold of 15

00:12:31.059 –> 00:12:39.259

What’s happening? Yes. Okay, so lean back, engage the core and then reach.

00:12:39.259 –> 00:12:54.760

Up and over to grasp your knees and hold for 15

00:12:54.760 –> 00:12:58.008

And as you feel your breath releasing, you can gently pull your yourself down

00:12:58.008 –> 00:13:04.060

Each breath.

00:13:04.060 –> 00:13:09.060

You might feel that you’re able to pull down. Okay, little bit more and a little bit more.

00:13:09.060 –> 00:13:22.059

Getting your chest as close as you can to your knees.

00:13:22.059 –> 00:13:39.359

One more nice deep breath. Inhale

00:13:39.359 –> 00:13:58.211

And come back up, roll the shoulders back. We’re gonna be leaning back again.

00:13:58.211 –> 00:14:02.410

Engage that core, and then lifting, I like to lift up and over, so that my hips actually rotate, and then you were going to grab our calves for this next one, and we’re going to gently pull our chess down towards our knees.

00:14:02.410 –> 00:14:14.409

And we’re gonna hold here for 15

00:14:14.409 –> 00:14:21.109

And then this whole aspect of this lunar cycle being sensitizing the body.

00:14:21.109 –> 00:14:26.359

That’s what we want to be doing. We want to really be feeling in our body.

00:14:26.359 –> 00:14:39.160

Feel those stretches, feel those muscles, feel that the tightness, attention, attention.

00:14:39.160 –> 00:14:47.760

This is really important to re-sensitize the body, to be inside of that tightness, to be inside of that that pain, that discomfort, there should be excruciating pain.

00:14:47.760 –> 00:15:06.709

It should feel, you know you should feel the stretch. Don’t, don’t not feel this stretch

00:15:06.709 –> 00:15:20.209

And as you’re breathing you should feel those muscles releasing, allowing for you to pull down into the stretch just a little bit more and a little bit more, and I’m a little bit more

00:15:20.209 –> 00:15:27.609

We are going to go back, up.

00:15:27.609 –> 00:15:30.462

And now we have a practice plan. Now that we’ve done all of these.

00:15:30.462 –> 00:15:39.911

So we are going to

00:15:39.911 –> 00:15:51.008

Do each of these a few times

00:15:51.008 –> 00:16:03.859

In a row. Okay? So we’re gonna be doing the circle 3 times each.

00:16:03.859 –> 00:16:09.410

So forward, and we’re not going to be causing in between these so we’re just gonna be that first, first, second, okay?

00:16:09.410 –> 00:16:20.159

So we’re gonna do the first gentle one and twist around.

00:16:20.159 –> 00:16:33.758

And you’re just pausing at each rotation. We’re gonna do this

00:16:33.758 –> 00:16:51.057

Gender one that’s twice and third around back to the side this time forward.

00:16:51.057 –> 00:16:58.260

We’re gonna be slightly, more slightly, more exaggerated to the side, to the back, to the side, to the front, and we can go the other way.

00:16:58.260 –> 00:17:06.410

Same exaggeration, though to the back, to the side, to the front.

00:17:06.410 –> 00:17:16.157

One more to the side, to the back, to the side, to the front.

00:17:16.157 –> 00:17:27.359

We’re doing a full half back. Try to get as exaggerated to the side as possible to the back.

00:17:27.359 –> 00:17:33.410

Exaggerated as possible to the side, exaggerated around to full half back.

00:17:33.410 –> 00:17:38.060

That’s the other direction, as exaggerated as possible to the side.

00:17:38.060 –> 00:17:41.309

All the way to the back, feel

00:17:41.309 –> 00:17:47.410

To the side

00:17:47.410 –> 00:17:50.759

To the front, one more last one to the side

00:17:50.759 –> 00:18:03.510

To the back.

00:18:03.510 –> 00:18:15.458

To the side. Yeah, up we go. Okay. Next, we will be doing the triangle twice on each.

00:18:15.458 –> 00:18:23.058

So first to the knee, so hip, width apart, is our feet arms outstretched to the knee, and over

00:18:23.058 –> 00:18:46.708

Just a nice stretch. Go back to the other side, to the Me.

00:18:46.708 –> 00:18:56.809

Back to neutral one more time to the me. Remember, your arm is directly over your ears that you’re not leaning forward or doing weird things for your spine and out arms out and back to the me.

00:18:56.809 –> 00:18:59.610

One more time and back to neutral. So now why in your stance to about double of what it was we’re gonna go all the way down to our cast.

00:18:59.610 –> 00:19:07.458

And over

00:19:07.458 –> 00:19:14.109

Back up to neutral back to the other calf.

00:19:14.109 –> 00:19:19.658

Number arm over the ear. Make sure that you’re pulling your body upright forward

00:19:19.658 –> 00:19:29.410

Over to the calf again

00:19:29.410 –> 00:19:45.459

And back to neutral last time over

00:19:45.459 –> 00:19:52.960

Now we’re going to the knee, and thought is stretch, and we will be doing this 3 times.

00:19:52.960 –> 00:19:57.609

So, pulling their feet in as close as they can get into your pelvis.

00:19:57.609 –> 00:20:06.359

We’re asked your toes with your hands to hold them.

00:20:06.359 –> 00:20:15.210

We have our knees here and we’re gonna be calling our knees down to the floor.

00:20:15.210 –> 00:20:29.359

Hold for just a moment and release. Push them down into the floor.

00:20:29.359 –> 00:20:33.659

Oh, and release, pushing them down last time in. Pull your knees as much as you can towards the floor.

00:20:33.659 –> 00:20:40.210

And release

00:20:40.210 –> 00:20:53.761

Next we will be doing the back stretch 3 times in each of the positions.

00:20:53.761 –> 00:21:04.860

We will be coming to the knee 3 times, and then it will be going to the calf 3 times, so we will start by leaning back, engaging those core muscles up.

00:21:04.860 –> 00:21:18.659

Number. Lift your hips up and over to grasp the knees, pull your chest down as far as it’ll go towards your knees.

00:21:18.659 –> 00:21:26.910

Release. Bring back, lift up and over to grasp the knees, pulling your chest down

00:21:26.910 –> 00:21:37.910

And lean back

00:21:37.910 –> 00:21:58.559

Up and over one more time at the knees, last one at the knees, pulling arms at a 90 degree angle

00:21:58.559 –> 00:22:08.110

And release. Next we will lean back, engaging the core, lifting your itself up and over your hips to grasp your calves, pulling your chest down as far as it’ll reach towards your legs.

00:22:08.110 –> 00:22:15.758

Lean back.

00:22:15.758 –> 00:22:28.810

Reaching up and over to your calves. Pull down

00:22:28.810 –> 00:22:37.259

Last time reach back

00:22:37.259 –> 00:23:05.659

Reach up and over to your calves, pulling your chest down to your knees.

00:23:05.659 –> 00:23:10.858

Now we will be doing. The ball lay like graceful dance of all of these movements, one of them so we’ll be doing one of each of these.

00:23:10.858 –> 00:23:42.412

So in a, in a ballet, graceful like manner.

00:23:42.412 –> 00:23:57.561

So we will start with our hands on our hips and our heels together to do the circles the smallest at first remember to nicely rotate and twist forward and slightly more right, so each one slightly more to the the side, slightly more to the back slide all the way half the back when we go to

00:23:57.561 –> 00:24:10.657

This forward position as extreme as we can to the side, as extreme as we can to the back, and as extreme as we can to the other side.

00:24:10.657 –> 00:24:18.557

Then go forward. Put your feet, tip with a part, arms at the sides to go to the need for triangle.

00:24:18.557 –> 00:24:24.859

Reach over and to the other knee, reach over

00:24:24.859 –> 00:24:29.910

Go back to arms outstretched wide in your stance.

00:24:29.910 –> 00:24:45.312

We will go to the calf over

00:24:45.312 –> 00:24:52.510

Remember you’re doing these movements with as much grace and flow and derived feminine as you can back to neutral.

00:24:52.510 –> 00:25:02.910

And now we go to sitting, so do so in a way that is graceful.

00:25:02.910 –> 00:25:10.009

For the, knee, and by stretch cooling those feet in grasping.

00:25:10.009 –> 00:25:21.859

Be mindful of the movements pushing those knees down to the floor.

00:25:21.859 –> 00:25:27.710

Releasing them, outstretching the legs to go backwards.

00:25:27.710 –> 00:25:40.560

To the knees and pull the chest down

00:25:40.560 –> 00:25:52.959

Release to go backwards and to the calves. Pull in your chest down

00:25:52.959 –> 00:25:57.057

And room, release.

00:25:57.057 –> 00:26:07.910

Sitting in.

00:26:07.910 –> 00:26:16.810

This space that you needed today, I’m feeling very excited that I can completed day 3.

00:26:16.810 –> 00:26:22.359

If anything this Facebook live is creating space for me to make sure that I’m staying in my own practice.

00:26:22.359 –> 00:26:28.357

So, thanks for being here with me. Thanks for joining in.

00:26:28.357 –> 00:26:45.858

Let me know. How you’re liking these practice.

00:26:45.858 –> 00:27:07.860

Yay, Natasha. So the thoughts for the day beauty through Portoise and balance the body is a temple of the spirit conceived in the image of its Maker.

00:27:07.860 –> 00:27:13.310

This is the very first of the eternal truths that I, that I attempt to impress upon students, so that each one becomes aware of the infinite power and beauty of her own individual body has this fact begins to penetrate the consciousness there is a natural attempt on the part of the student to

00:27:13.310 –> 00:27:29.809

Cultivate those characteristics of beauty which lie within her.

00:27:29.809 –> 00:27:39.611

The Yoga techniques are unsurpassed for this purpose, as we shall see, we have already stressed the necessity for attempting to perform the Yoga movements with poise and balance, since these are essential qualities of beauty.

00:27:39.611 –> 00:27:48.713

There is something magnetic and radiant about the woman who moves, gestures, walks, sits, and stands with natural grace and poise.

00:27:48.713 –> 00:28:10.110

However, these movements cannot be successfully contrived, that is, you cannot copy or impose them upon yourself.

00:28:10.110 –> 00:28:23.909

They must flow rhythmically. And now, from the center of your being toys, balance, grace, and ab beautiful carriage emerge naturally from a yoga practice stiffness of the joints and limbs a condition that inhibits poise and good posture are eliminated

00:28:23.909 –> 00:28:33.560

Through the stretching exercises, the slow motion ballet type routines that we will perform later imported, and part of strong sense of rhythm and balance.

00:28:33.560 –> 00:28:39.359

These qualities are carried over into our daily activities. And oh, subtle, are felt by everyone who comes in contact with them.

00:28:39.359 –> 00:28:42.810

People who have not seen you for some time will inquire, what have you been doing?

00:28:42.810 –> 00:29:04.858

You look different, but I don’t know exactly what it is.

00:29:04.858 –> 00:29:09.159

The difference reflects the poise and confidence gain through Yoga, therefore we make a conscious attempt to execute all of our exercises gracefully and rhythmically, and in turn the very performance of these movements imparts the poise and balance we are seeking to

00:29:09.159 –> 00:29:28.711

Manifest. So that is the conclusion of Day 3.

00:29:28.711 –> 00:29:35.358

You know, if you’ve been following me for any length of time, how much I love rhythm, and really realizing that rhythm is the divine feminine versus routine and schedule and goals, and where is more masculine so being in this rhythm of

00:29:35.358 –> 00:29:41.509

Jail stretching and movement and allowing is so important.

00:29:41.509 –> 00:30:04.359

So this whole Yoga practice will be going into my spiral of the Year Book.

00:30:04.359 –> 00:30:23.210

Just really create a poise and a foundation for what is possible, because I think it’s an incredibly powerful practice to have this ability to have stretching and having a sensitizing effect in our bodies, to remember that these are our vessels.

00:30:23.210 –> 00:30:29.308

These are what we move around in, and so to treat them with grace, and so, as you go throughout the day today, imagine walking in a ballet style movement, imagine creating space for that.

00:30:29.308 –> 00:30:31.308

So I hope you have an absolutely magical day, and I will see you tomorrow.

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