Divine Masculine Chakra/ Ascended Masters Potion


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The Divine Masculine Chakra brings in the qualities of Masculinity that are in their wholeness, releasing the qualities that have been in the shadows. With this power strength, risk taking, assertiveness, action-oriented, discipline, boundaries, confidence, objectivity, logic, analysis, warrior, yang, and survival. With these aspects in alignment we meet our needs for ourselves and live out our purpose. The biggest realization with the Divine Masculine is that this is meant to be in perfect balance with the divine feminine within as well. Using this potion along with watching the videos and completing the workbooks in the Magical Mothering Method will give you the most amount of shifts.

This potion is available in .5 oz and 1 oz options. The .5 oz lasts about 3-5 weeks. The 1 oz lasts about 6-10 weeks.


Pinon Pine, Horse Nettle, Ginger, Arizona Cypress, Thuja, Eastern Cedar, Cottonwood, Ocotillo, Stinging Nettle, Creeping Barberry, Olive Leaf, Wolfberry, Yucca,  Ethanol Alcohol, Gold Flakes


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