Tick Bite


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Ticks can carry a variety of diseases, parasites and virus’. They can also give the alpha-gal allergy which creates an allergy to red meats (cow, deer and rabbit meats.) This tick bite potion can help clean out the blood stream, kill virus’ and parasites. It is best to use 7-12 drops as soon as you discover that you have been bitten by a tick and to take for 14 days.

Tick Potion

Take 7-10 drops immediately after discovering tick bite or if suspected of tick disease. Take for 14 days. Then take 2 days off, and repeat until no longer needed.



Teasel, Black Walnut, Day Lily, Mugwort, Boneset, Blue phlox. Cleavers, Bluets, Bee Balm, Fleabane, Rosemary, Mock Strawberry, Chickweed, Elephants Foot, Self- Heal, Dandelion, Ethanol Alcohol, Quartz Crystal

Available in  Full oz that will last about 6-12  weeks.

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