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    I have done this homework(week 3)for Stephanie and she suggested that I use what I had wrote for my homework.

    My 10 things that I pray will be when my divorce is final…

    1 – Freedom

    Like you had said. Free to live my life as I choose.
    From everything:
    * How to wear my hair, makeup, and clothes.
    * What things I want to put in and on my body (food, lotions, etc.) to include sex and alternative medicine (weed, oils, etc.).
    * The friends of my choosing. To have the freedom to finally have honest friendships and or relationships not based on ALL LIES from the beginning.

    2 – Honesty
    * Honest about my life in ALL aspects. No, more a life of living lies.

    3 – Grateful
    * In that I had gotten out in time to live a full and wondrous life.
    * Whatever and however long the good Lord will give me health to live my current lifestyle.
    4 – Humble
    * Kind if goes with answer 3.
    * I guess just to be more humbling in the gifts of life that I receive daily. Roof over my head, dry and warm or cool, food and water, clothes, etc.

    5 – Thankful
    * This one goes hand and hand with answers 3 & 4.

    6 – Stronger
    * Stronger then I have ever been emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually based on boundaries that I have set to achieve my new life.

    7 – Confident
    * Like Wonder Woman, in that I walked away from 25 years of an abusive marriage and am still on my own two feet.

    8 – Spiritual (work)
    * Dreams of a Nun (dream job) Life of service.
    * They won’t take me though because of my age and my health. Becoming debt-free will go hand and hand with my divorce settlement.
    * Been looking into lady Monk and or Hermitages. The Hermits though are really kind of on their own.

    9 – My Higer-Self
    * I hope to strive to become that Golden Goddess that I had met!!!

    10 – Finally, ready to live the true me life and style.

    I hope using these ideas as daily Mantras for me will help.

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    My reply for Week 2:

    I so wanted to start this on Monday the 17th of August. That didn’t work out and Tuesday I was trying to get some energy going, but after the last three days of the daily drive and then one of my nephews chimed in and wanting to talk. I told him for about an hour because I was exhausted, but 2 1/2 hours later there we were still catching up on things. So, it was too late. So on Wednesday after my long day of driving again I tried to get the energy up to do the meditation with Stephanie on the video and boy am I glad I waited!

    Again I had an amazing and awesome experience with this one as well. I guess that is just how it goes for me. So, I will try to describe my walk to meeting the inner child/gate keeper and my higher self.

    Stephanie took me from out of a jungle type path and setting onto a beautiful white sandy beach with two palm trees to kinda frame the beach and the most amazing blue water.

    I then had to turn back around and go back into that jungle and walk that path to the largest tree right in front of me and get into the roots to find that child.

    It did not take me long to see her. She has always been there just waiting for me. I believe she was me at about 4 when my whole life changed. But that is all for another day. I wrapped my loving arms around her and held her for a few moments on my lap. As if to tell her that she is going to be okay from now on and we walked out of those roots hand and hand and back up the jungle path back to the beach.

    My inner child was on my right and holding my right hand. After getting back on the beach, I had looked to my left. And wow! Holy moly! There was this amazing looking woman walking towards us. She had long flowing hair. She was slim and athletic in her graceful form. She was wearing a gorgeous white (flowing with the ocean breeze) long dress. And this aura was about her. It was like the rays of the sun, but like gold and glittery at the same time. I thought, wow! Is this a goddess? This person seems to be from another realm, but she seems familiar all at the same time.

    And when Stephanie said that this was my higher self. I was almost floored. I can’t even begin to tell you how this made me feel to know this was me, but as my ultimate self. Wow! Just wow! (Tears in my eyes).

    Then we (the inner child, my higher self and I) all touched our hands together and made that circle. And the energy that flowed through each one of us (separate),but as one (together). Amazing, just amazing. Almost electric in nature. I did not want it to end, but Stephanie made us.

    I believe that as Stephanie has suggested for us to continue to do this one once a week. I am looking forward to fitting this into my weekly routine (whatever that is 😁) and am looking forward to seeing that beautiful lady again and getting to know how to be my highest of self.

    in reply to: Magical Mothering Method Week 1: Healing the root chakra #497

    Hello All, Just wanted to share my experience with the group from this past Monday (10 August, 20). I decided to start the program again, for some reason I could not get it going when I was supposed to, but a grander thing had happened to me on Monday while doing the meditation with Stephanie.
    When she was taking me on the journey and she said about seeing a pool of red. I had seen this and much more! While the meditation was going on, I seen that I was deep in the earth, I could see black rock all around me as if I were in a cave deep in the earth. And I did see that beautiful pool of red before me like on the floor of the cave. There was also a golden stream of light shining from the top of the cave and streaming down to the pool of red so, it had given the middle of that cave a warm glow. It was a most amazing experience for me. When coming out of it, I chalk it up to being in the deeps of Mother Earth and those black cave walls, even at times can be rough and cold, were a warm soft glow today. Maybe it is a meaning that She can be tough on us, but in the long run She is always here to help. We just need to stop for a few moments in our hectic lives and sit quietly with her and she will reveal what is most needed at that time.
    I am looking forward to this adventure with Stephanie and with you all, but most of all finding out who I really am and spending much needed quite time to stop and listen to what the Mother is saying.

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