Full Moon- Throat Chakra Illuminated!

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welcome with happy, full moon, I’m, stephanie mathews with magical mothering, and so something that I love about the throat Chakra and being on the Throat Chakra is singing and it doesn’t even

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have to sound amazing. But when we sing our words, when we put a happy little tune, or when we hum, we are actually activating the throat.

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Chakra in a very pure and amazing, simple way, in a very primitive whole way.

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If you listen to children, they are often humming or singing, and this is a way to actually clear out, hold space for their own throat track with their own voice, their own ability to speak their truth.

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So if you have been enjoying or if you’ve been missing the Facebook lives, or if you I’ve had a few people say I saw that there was a Facebook live on, this, and it disappeared I would like to invite you

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Forward slash, magical mothering. and there’s a private community at at the $3 tier, and you can be a part of the Patreon only lives, and then in the next tier you can get access to the daily

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There is also 2 different tiers or payment methods to work, one-on-one with me on a monthly basis.

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So you can get one on one phone calls zoom calls with me monthly, or there’s a weekly option.

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So I wanted to just put that out there that I am working with individual women.

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And then also an opportunity to go deeper into all of these things.

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Is that goddess Camp. So the first goddess Camp has a couple spaces left in it, and Goddess Camp will be happening each seasonal festival autumn.

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Equinox is when the first one is happening. Then we will have one on Halloween, and then winter solstice and candle.

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Miss, and spring equinox, and so on. So every 6 weeks you can look forward to seeing the information for Goddess Camp and join in on that.

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So but today is the full moon we’ve got a full moon where a little moon We’re illuminated.

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We’ve got a full moon we’re illuminated What does the illumination mean? when we have a full moon?

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There is going to be an aspect of our life that is very delicious up right now.

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This can mean a few different things. There can be something that’s just going really well, and you’re going Wow!

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Suddenly my relationship is on fire. i’m so in love you can say, Oh, my goodness, money is just coming in.

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I am so grateful for the ease in which all of this is happening.

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I’m able to have enough. All of a sudden for everything. and then there’s gonna be the other side of the illumination coin, which is this is not working.

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This is miserable. I am not happy in this situation.

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Why is this happening so that it can be illuminated?

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We want this, we creating awareness around what is illuminated in our life. Right now is such a powerful way to further co-create, especially with this full moon, the full moon, the part of co-creation with the full moon.

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is a releasing process. Think of birth. Worth is an amazing releasing process that brings new life into the world.

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The full moon is our opportunity to do that every single lunar cycle.

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And so I want this lunar cycle to be a ridiculous or another word for releasing is birthing.

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The aspect of wholeness and healing through your throat.

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Chocolate space. And so what does this mean put simply being able to fully in a non emotional clear to you.

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You don’t need to hold on to making sure that Others understand what is being birthed through you on a full moon.

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This is really important, because feel that because of the way that I speak, the way that I put my words out there, I tend to collect or have people that are more neural neuro divergent.

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This could be a Ed adHD neuro divergent, thinking it could have some.

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You could be hyper vigilant. There could have been some trauma in your childhood.

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Things like this. Good morning, Denise, and so I tend to pick up those women who have more mirror divergency.

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And so, when we’re speaking about the illuminated aspects of us, I would like for you to practice just speaking and really creating a new neural pathway around, not feeling like you have to explain and explain and explain and explain again because

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you don’t think you were understood we often got in trouble for the ways that we spoke our truth as children.

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We. We were told that maybe we were being rude or we were being blunt, or we shouldn’t say those things, and so we learned to censor ourselves, and we also learned how to stop communicating in a way that might not be

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people pleasing. And so this is something that i’m still daily practicing, of really speaking my truth, and not inhibiting or holding back my own words in fear of not being understood or being judged or getting in trouble so i’d

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like to offer to you this full moon experience, to really allow for your voice to be illuminated, and for your truth whatever that is to be physically spoken, because when we physically speak into existence, our truth, our desires what is no

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longer serving us. This is a very powerful way to create space, and then we can also release or birth into the world.

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Through this illumination process what it is that we are incredibly grateful for.

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There may be something incredibly amazing happening in your life right now. and the fact that that is illuminated during a full moon is showing that more of this is to come than this is what is being birthed into your life, and that 6 months ago.

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on the new moon. This was an intention that was set, and it is now being birthed into reality.

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So well done, and it gives hope, and it gives excitement, and it gives gives encouragement that for the next new moon to create more of those intentions, those clear, intricate, spoken intentions, so that 6 months from that

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new moon on the full moon, it can be birthed into reality.

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I also wanna touch on verbally communicating clear boundaries.

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So, for this full moon of the throat shockroom i’d like to share that.

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No, is a complete sentence. You do not ever need to explain your No, you do not ever need to share why you say no.

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And this is really applicable in every situation. when we say no to the things that are not in alignment, it makes saying yes, so much more beautiful, because you can feel the complete, sensory, physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual vibration of Yes, when you’ve

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eliminated. Really, those things that are no longer serving you that are illuminated right now and crossing those off of your list.

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You’re pulling back all of your energy. so that you can truly burst into existence right now.

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What more you desire, and creating space to be heard it’s really important to create space, to say yeses to those that are in alignment, and knows to those that are not in alignment, and to really trust that your intuition

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by you honing in and verbally communicating what is no longer serving you, or maybe that you’ve been doing.

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But it’s been out of this need to people please or it’s been out of a desire to be liked, or it’s been because you’re you’re not understood when you allow for these things to really be least and for

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a no to come into that space. It allows for the universe to understand fully that you’re not interested in that form of contrast anymore, that you’re not interested in putting yourself out to make others more comfortable.

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And so, when there’s this space of truly seeing that you are able to say yes to what makes you most happy, and to stay in authentic alignment, it creates space for you to truly be in July and to enjoy life.

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And so i’m excited to hear what aspects of your life are being illuminated right now.

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I’m excited to hear what you’re going to be speaking into existence, and i’m excited to see what this full moon is burthing in your life, and if it’s burning something that is uncomfortable and hard

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and stretching you, because that means that true radical co-creation is happening.

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The birthing process is not easy a lot of times there’s very few women that get very idyllic non painful birds.

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And so i’d like to remind you of that that if you’re going through some birthing pains right now, understanding that what is going to be birth is going to be Well, worth it.

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So I hope you have an absolutely magical full moon. and if you’re watching this in a recording, or after this live.

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I would love to hear your thoughts on your own illuminate the illuminated throat.

00:12:43.579 –> 00:12:55.579

Chakra i’d love to hear what you’re speaking into existence, feel free to join the Patreon community, and go into the private discord and share those thoughts with all of us, so that we can truly hold space for each


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