Judgment – Feeling Criticized and Condemned

The experience of judgment and condemnation can have a profound impact on our lives, especially if we have been raised in a religious environment that places a strong emphasis on righteousness and moral purity. This can lead to a constant sense of self-doubt and fear of failure, causing us to become overly critical of ourselves and others, and making it difficult to form healthy relationships and maintain a positive outlook on life.

Uncovering and understanding your unique and magical qualities, which may have been hidden or repressed, is essential to making sense of how your childhood experiences influence your adult life.

The implications of this uncovering and understanding can lead to a desire to explore the story. To try and figure out the moments that this began. But in reality, this can cause the trauma to happen all over again from within your mind.

So instead we want to see where in our body and feelings are the aspects of ourselves that we have hidden may be hiding.

What part of your body do you associate with the sensation of being judged or condemned?

What aspects of yourself do you feel are hidden or do you feel scared to share, in fear of being judged?

What aspects of yourself do you feel you cannot share openly, fearing negative judgment?

And just as a reminder for anyone new here, this is a safe space. If you are unable to share in a way that feels vulnerable and safe, please keep scrolling or remove yourself from this space.

The divine feminine, Mother Earth, shows us that through destruction, fire, volcanos, hurricanes, there is much healing. We have been hurt enough through our experiences in the world. May our destruction of each other end so that the healing and rebirth can happen. We are the embodiment of these forces of destruction and creation. We actively have a choice to make each day. And it all starts with the thoughts we tell ourselves first. Then spills out from there.

If you are judging others right now, allow for yourself to go within. Find an age, preferably between 1-7 years old. How old do you feel when you are feeling judged?

Create space to visualize this little girl in front of you, love her unconditionally, show her what a beautiful, magical being she is. Allow for her to come out of hiding without any fear of being judged.


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