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Take the ultimate chill pill with this anxiety potion, but not in pill form LOL Simply a few drops under the tongue vanquishes all the anxiety symptoms and stops a panic attack in its tracks. This anxiety potion reprograms the central nervous system so that it stops the fight/flight response system to everyday events, allowing you to live a life of being present, rather than your body constantly fighting dangers that are not present.


Ocotillo, California Poppy, Motherwort, Wild Lettuce, Mulberry, Yarrow, Red Raspberry, Jacaranda, Black Current, Catnip, Purslane, Vervain, Lobelia, Myrrh, Evening Primrose, Pineapple Weed, Ethanol Alcohol,  Programmed Quartz Crystal

1 oz potion  will last about 8-16  weeks with regular use.


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