Flu Right Out/ Ultimate Anti Viral


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Flu right out Potion is for when you get the crud, whether that be the seasonal flu, a cold or cov1d! This is not to build the immune system, this is to knock it out! So start taking 3-7 drops at first symptoms and take every 30-60 minutes to make that Flu-fly right out of your body!

This is a take as needed potion, when you need it. If you have a family, I would recommend the 1 oz bottle as to make sure there is enough for the whole family. If you are single individual, the 1/2 should be sufficient, unless you tend to get the flu more than once during the season.


Purple Cone Flower, White Ash, Boneset, Bee Balm, Black Eyed Susan, Basil, Creeping Barberry, Eucalyptus, Elder, Fleabane, Mock Strawberry, Lilac, manzanita, osha, Rosemary, Pinon Pine Resin, sumac,  Ethanol Alcohol, Quartz Crystal

1 oz potion  will last about 8-12  weeks with regular use. 


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