Aphrodisiac Potion


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This aphrodisiac potion is made for women. (The Men’s hormonal potion has the aphrodisiac  aspects needed for men) Each of these plants has been used ethonobotanically (or through indigenous uses) to help create more of a sexual drive in women. I use a variety of plants understanding that each body is different so knowing that one if not a few will have the desired affect. Aphrodisiacs can also produce  intense physical pleasure in normal circumstances and can be used to excite a passion for life, not just sexual pleasure.

Aphrodisiac Potion

Take 3-7 drops under tongue, hold for 20 seconds, as needed. 


White ash, Ginseng, Horse Nettle, Hen bit, Ocotillo, Maidenhair, Puncture vine, May Pop, Goat’s Rue, Pineapple Weed, Blue Phlox, Bluets, Myrrh, Wild Yam, Bindweed, Fumewort, Goji, Rosemary, Desert Sage,  Ethanol Alcohol, Quartz Crystal

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