Respiratory Rejuvenation


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This healing and powerful potion will allow for the respiratory system to fully heal from damage. This included asthma, COPD, Emphysema, and other damage that may occur from other respiratory issues.

With this potion the lungs are given not only the nutrients to detox any congestion, but also to heal the bronchi so that full recovery and healing is possible.


Black Walnut, Ocotillo, Clove, Pinon Pine, Rosemary, Myrrh, Mullein, Wild Lettuce, Red Raspberry, Lungwort, Globe Mallow, Cottonwood, , Juniper, Yucca,  Eucalyptus, Osha, Cuscuta, Oak, Petunia, Plantain, Cypress,  Black Eyed Susan, Soapwort, Sumac, Buttercup, Ephedra, Sycamore, Thuja, Vervain, Ethanol Alcohol, Quartz Crystal 

1 oz potion  will last about 8-16  weeks with regular use.


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