Celestial Chakra


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The Celestial Chakra awakens our beings to the helpers, supports and guides that we have around us. It also awakens the knowing that Earth was not our first home but that we are originally star dust, just as everything is. Activating the Celestial chakra helps boost our awareness of synchronicities, angles, guides and messages from the Celestial aspects. Taking this potion while watching the videos and practicing in the workbooks for the Celestial Chakra in Magical Mothering Method is the best way to get even more results.


Basil, Honeysuckle, Cottonwood, Myrrh, Arizona Cypress, Day Lily, Bee Balm,  thuja, Osage Orange, Dock, Cinneqfoil,  Cleavers, Plantain, Olive Leaf, Rosemary,  Ethanol Alcohol, Celestite Crystal

1 oz potion  will last about 8-12  weeks with regular use. 


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