Root Chakra/ Security Potion


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The root chakra is all about getting back into your body, no longer needing to escape mentally, emotionally, spiritually or physically from yourself anymore. The root chakra is located at the base of the spine, giving your entire spinal column the support it needs. Once you have your Root chakra in alignment you feel more sure of yourself and understand how to get reconnected with yourself. This potion works in conjunction with the Root Chakra videos and workbook in the Magical Mothering Method.

This potion is available in .5 oz and 1 oz options. The .5 oz lasts about 3-5 weeks. The 1 oz lasts about 6-10 weeks.


Ocotillo, Ginger, Yucca, Chicory, Dandelion root, Osha, Bougainvillea, Mulberry, Black Raspberry, Mock Strawberry, Rose Hips, Wolfberry, Teasel, Red clover,   Ethanol Alcohol, Quartz Crystal 


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