Labor & Immediate Postpartum Potion with Sitz Bath Herbs


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Labor & After Labor Potion is made specially for this crucial time in pregnancy. The plants can help with hemorrhaging, pain, give mental clarity, energy for the long haul, and reduce the pain of contractions to help move along birth.

Labor and Immediate Postpartum Potion

Take 3-10 drops every 15 minutes until bleeding gets under control. Then take 2-4 times a day for until bottle is gone.  


Butterweed, Red Raspberry, Motherwort, Ocotillo, Cramp Bark, Prickly Ash,Yarrow, Bluets, Cedar, Horse Nettle, Black Haw, Mugwort, Birth Root, St. John’s Wort, Pineapple Weed, Fumewort, Rattlesnake Root, Ethanol Alcohol, Quartz Crystal

Sitz Bath Herbs

Place Sitz Bath Herbs into water, a few inches in bath or dish pan, soak for 15-30 minutes to reduce swelling and relive pain from labor. 


Epsom Salt, Bentonite Clay, Yarrow, Uva Ursi, Plantain, Cedar, Marigold, Comfrey, Eucalyptus, Spearmint, Lavender


Full oz potion will last about 6-12  weeks.

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Sitz Bath Herbs

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