Magical Mothering Mala Necklace


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Mala necklaces are spiritually and vibrationally activated to help support you in your daily journey. Each one is made with the individual in mind to create the most amount of transformation for them. I have 13 crystals/ stones to choose from that bring together the physical and spiritual aspects of the body. You can choose to have all of the crystals included or choose what you need most to support you individually. Once you place your order, I will email you for specifics.

Crystal Beads to choose from:

Grounding/ Protection- garnet
Womb/Your spark – Carnelian
Empowerment/ Confidence/ Intuition Tigers Eye
Heart- Labradorite
 Communication/ Speaking from a space of being heard- Lapis Lazuli
Vision/Meditation/ – Chevron Amethyst
Connecting to Spirit- Quartz Crystal
Earth- Lava
Rebirth/ Soul- Flourite
Stellar Gate- Howlite
Celestial- Opalite
Divine Masculine/ Ascended Masters- Tourquiose Magnesite
Divine Feminine/ Magical Mother- Rose Quartz



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