Stellar Gateway Chakra Potion


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The Stellar Gateway is the access way from this physical world to the spiritual aspects. This is how we can access all the aspects that are on the other side of the veil so to say. These would be people that have passed on, astral projection, fairies, gnomes, seeing the things that are unseen with the physical naked eye. As we continue to explore the spaces that are not usually explored our options and possibilities begin to open up even more to us. This potion is best taken in conjunction with the videos and workbooks from the Magical Mothering Method.

This potion is available in .5 oz and 1 oz options. The .5 oz lasts about 3-5 weeks. The 1 oz lasts about 6-10 weeks.


Mugwort, Sassafras, Yarrow, Desert Lavender, Pinon Pine Resin,  Jacaranda, Catnip,  White Sagebrush, Antelope Bitterbrush, Ethanol Alcohol, Tektite Stone


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