Week 11

I found that my developmental phases that needed healing were the Brain Stem/Spinal Cord, Limbic, Cortex & Frontal Cortex.

I haven’t gone into a lot of detail with my birth mother but I do know that she didn’t receive a lot of healthcare during her pregnancy and that she did not have any type of support system. I feel like the stressors in her life at that time had to have affected me in utero. Using the Womb Healing bath and speaking to my inner child, i feel like I was able to go back and calm those anxieties and surround myself with Love.

Growing up in the church and in a very strict environment, I feel like i never really learned healthy coping mechanisms. I was also never able to explore the world for myself (wanting to go out with friends to a Movie was considered being Rebellious).  Using the Pillar of Light I was able to get a message from my Higher Self. She reminded me of the travel that i missed because I was married at 17 and missed class trips, youth group trips, etc. She reminded me how much i loved music back then, even though I had never even heard of my current favorite groups!  So I’ve danced and crafted and let myself put some responsibilities aside for the week. Im also excited to travel to Arizona for my first solo adventure in March!

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  1. Oh I absolutely love the clarity that had one with Week 11. Not feeling like a victim and also being able to see how the choices that were made have affected the rest of your life. And I am so excited to have you join in the retreat!!

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