Week 6

Going back to the age of 12, I found where my sacral chakra had been injured. One person comes to mind but I know he didn’t act alone. I don’t want my posts to always be churchy but growing up church was very Very much a part of my life. My children’s pastors were wonderful people (who I still have a relationship with to this day) and really nurtured our gifts and talents.  Moving into the youth program turned out to be detrimental not only to my creativity but in using my gifts. I always had a heart for people.  My parents would let me load up the car with whoever I could cram in there.  I just wanted people to feel loved and accepted.  My youth pastor ask me to stop bringing them. He called them leaches.  Those words have always stuck with me.  Going back to 9, 10 and 11 years old I remember the joy I had helping people.  Taking a young lady a skirt I had made so she would have something to wear to church, bringing snacks in the car so my friends from school would have a breakfast to eat on the way.  Squashing my ability to use my gifts changed the course of my life, I’m excited to go through this course and learn how to use my gifts again.  I know they are still in there!

Ive included a pic of the fairy house I’m working on. I’ll update with the finish product when I’m done. 😁

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