Sunday Morning Vibes

Sunday Morning has a special feel. 

There is a feeling of not needing to rush anywhere or do anything quickly. As I sit here sipping on my decaf coffee, flavored with cocoa powder, turmeric, cinnamon, ginger, black pepper, and agave. 

And then my son wants to make a pie. I realize we don’t have a food processor, a pasty mixer or anything to help the process of pie crust making. I can feel the frustration bubbling up. I can feel the pull that is taking me out of my peace. But why? 

Why must I go immediately into frustration. Ahh… I then have the realization that it is my design. In my human design I am a manifesting generator.  Do you know what you are? You can look it up at So if you too are a manifesting generator or Generator, you will have frustration as your go to emotion when you are not living your design. 

What about helping my son make pie crust was not living my design? 

It is so silly that there are just some things that pull me into not living my design or by trying to please others which is NOT in my design. So I immediately recognized that I did not want to be making a pie crust. I did not want to do the dishes associated with a pie crust or the mess. I was enjoying my Sunday morning with a clean house. I was feeling peace. Then I got bombarded with a live stream of NFT streaming by my husband, a pie making mess, my daughter making music on her keyboard dj kit. And just like that my body got overtaken by everyone else’s desires and there noises. 

But as soon I recognize that it is my overwhelm that is making me frustrated, I am able to come back to peace. Even with conflicting noises, flour getting splashed everywhere, and dishes filling up the sink. My husband chimes in that he will take care of the dishes, and my son takes back over the pie crust. I can then sit back down and process my own thoughts and feelings. Peace. Sunday morning vibes are back. 

I got the video in my inbox this morning for week 7 of the Magical Mothering Method and watched it as I was waking. I was sharing in the video that the reprogramming it takes to get your emotions under control is AWARENESS. I realized this morning that in the past I would have grown increasingly frustrated, and then at some point in the day started yelling or blown up over a very small thing. This happens when we allow emotions from hours, days or even years of build up coming out in response to something that is activating that emotion. As I have personally been processing my past emotions for the last several years, the build up is not as large now. I now experience emotions from the current situation not from years of similar emotional experiences. This is one of the biggest breakthroughs others have during the process of going through either the chakra box (monthly subscription program) or the Magical Mothering Method on its own. The freedom to gain back their joy and peace, though recognizing that their own emotional patterns and thoughts were stealing it away in the first place. 

I am often in awe of the process that was created through my own healing process and how I was able to share and articulate that process through creating the magical mothering method. It is exciting to see that this process is still an active part of my daily life. It is not just something to go through and then move on. This process is the journey for me. This process keeps me present so that I can be in the here and now, not living in the future (anxiety) or the past (depression, receptive thoughts, fear.) 

The aspect of living in my design is also a huge component to my healing journey. I have been actively living my design for the past 5 years and it has completely changed my life. When working with my own personal clients I incorporate their human design into the 13 chakras as well. Integration of all of the pieces of us is so vital to the process. This is what my own journey through getting a psychology degree, then becoming a massage therapist, then getting certified in hypnosis, neurolinguistic programming, reiki, emotional freedom technique, and time line therapy. I have also dove into the shamanic aspects of healing as well as being initiated as an herbal priestess.

Through all of these pieces it is important to see that just as our own bodies have many integrate pieces and parts to them, the integration and holistic picture is what is most important to see. 

When I work with individuals and even while making my own herbal medicines, I am always making potions that work on healing the WHOLE, not just the part that is showing symptoms. I truly believe that this is the biggest reason why my clients see such drastic results. Their whole systems are getting supported not just the symptoms, as many allopathic doctors prescribe to the symptom creating more symptoms through side effects. 

Noticing that ALL the components are vital, our thoughts and emotions create our actions which create our behavior, which in turn creates our physical health. Our physical health then goes back into our mental and emotional health. Then through all of these is intertwined our spiritual health, which is where our higher self, chakras, and wholeness comes in to play. There is a golden thread that pulls all of this together creating the uniqueness of each of us that then plays into the whole of humanity, the earth, universe, the multiverse and so on into infinity. 

These are my Sunday morning ramblings which bring me right back to being present through all of it. The journey, the unknowns, the mystery and the magic that life is right now. 

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