Unraveling my views on Jesus

I grew up in the church, so Jesus comes up a lot in my own healing journey. Often the Jesus I speak of sounds controversial, but he is based on fact rather than an image that the white colonial church has created. I am not interested in continuing the cycle of a false sky god- as Jesus lived the life-death-rebirth cycle. Always returning us back to the main theme of love, connection and life honoring. Sounds very similar to the pre-warrior god society that thrived prior to the year 3500 bce. The messages that the historical- not make believe Jesus shared were messages of truth- based on ancient teachings of the goddess culture. Ever wonder why his ministry only lasted 3 years if he was trying to promote a warrior god. He was not- he was sharing that we have the ability to heal others, love unconditionally and radically shift the control out of the hands of the few and back into our hearts which would end us being controlled by fear. NONE of Jesus’ message was about fear. Only love. So why does the church try to rule us with fear. Jesus never told anyone they would go to hell- just that heaven (on Earth) was possible, but would be difficult if they were to keep the same belief systems.

So when I speak of Jesus- remember this image of the historical man that was born of a women and had a “spiritual father”- this could be angelic, sucubi, or alien.

So much controversy in one post. Yet, it is time to no longer be ruled by fear and allow for the ability to think beyond our programs to release us.

I have a lot of beliefs around this yet I do not feel the need to convert anyone. If this triggers you, look into why. Does it create fear for you? For me? I don’t need your guilt, shame or judgement over my soul. And please do not pray for me. I receive only good magic.

Jesus died for 72 hours for our sins, then was alive. So why does the church focus on the shortest amount of time in his life- all symbols are of his death- to keep us in fear of it. Yet we should be focusing on his rebirth or resurrection- as this is what is waiting for all of us. But if we knew that we were to be reborn we would not be killing our source of life- the Earth. Our Mother.


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