2 Replies to “Waxing Crescent- How complaining creates more of what you don’t want!”

  1. I’m working on this now. I have manifested such amazingness in my life yet there are aspects that continue like ground hog day. So I’m on my journey to dispell complaining of my children’s lack of respect and help and visualize what harmony and cooperation looks like. Flowing with health and weight loss. Clean house verses all the cats. I have 4 cats 4 kids. In my apartment in California. Changing frequencies is sooo important yet I’m finding complaining to be my programmed station it seems. 😳

    1. This is so huge!! As I am sure you know creating the awareness around the problem verses just co creating with it unconsciously is so huge!! I am excited to see how creating some separation from the issue happens despite living with it in front of your face!

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